September 20, 2012

South Korea : Gangnam Style!

Oppa Gangnam Style! hahaha... Waaa just because of that horse dance, the singer, Psy, becomes super famous.
Such lucky guy.

With the Korean fever now, Imma blog on my South Korea trip last March/April. OK laa.. just about five months ago. Not basi yet. hahaha...

You know what, I was so impressed the moment I went out from the aircraft. Because I saw this!

Damn proud ok! I guess it's because Malaysians are one of the countries' top visitors. So we are special to them la kan cos we contribute a lot to their tourism industry.

From Incheon International Airport, you can choose to ride the Airport Express, bus or taxi to get to Seoul. I rode the bus cos I read somewhere that Hongik Univ., the station nearest to the hostel that I booked wasn't completed yet. But actually it was completed already! fault also la cos I didn't do enough research prior to the trip.

Anyway, taking the bus was easy. You can refer here for the bus routes and the bus stops.

to Hongik University

The fare was KRW 10000. It is actually cheaper if you take the airport express. So yeah... take your pick based on where you wanna go.

I stayed at Come Inn Guesthouse in Hongdae, an area surrounding Hongik University, throughout my days in Seoul.

Loved it cos apart from its good location, closeness to public transportation, free PC usage and WiFi Internet access, free breakfast, and many more good things I can't list them all..  Justin, the person in charge was very helpful and friendly. He would do just about everything he could to help the guests at this hostel.

My flight back home was early in the morning, at 8.25am, so I checked out the day before and thought perhaps I should take the last train to the airport and spend the night there. But Justin asked me to just chill at the hostel and take the first train which was at 5.30am. He even gave me a mattress to sleep. I had checked out already and he even wanted to give me a mattress to sleep. Oh he even prepared a special dinner for me and another guest as a farewell party for us the night before. Is he an angel or what!?

The hostel itself is a nice place to stay, very homely.

common area

PC for guests to use


dining area

My stay in Seoul was very enjoyable partly cos I stayed at this awesome hostel.

Back to the title... nahhh.. I didn't manage to visit Gangnam during my trip. #reasontorepeat


aziahmk said...

I miss Korea....nice hostel. Akak duduk dkt namsan guesthouse dkt myeongdong. Lebih kurang facilities Dia. Diorg Mmg baik. Sarapan free tetiap hari :)

rara said...

duduk kat myeongdong confirm shopping tak ingat dunia.. hehehe

BibiErr Karim said...

Hello there! Korea sgt best kan! I went there last Feb too. Xpuas jalan. And planning of coming again. Thanks for ur info about the hostel. Memang tengah cari hostel kat area Hongik.

Salam kenal.

rara said...

bibiErr : hai.. :) yupp.. korea mmg best!! bila u nak repeat trip tu? bestnye!!

BibiErr Karim said...

Insya Allah nak repeat Winter next year. Lama lagi tapi excited awal. Haha. Nak gak merasa winter sebab x puas aritu.

faizah sukeri said...

Brapa harga per night room yg u stay ni.. dia ada brapa bilik eh.. sebab i tgh cari guesthouse yg ok utk stay sana thank you ! :)

rara said...

@faizah: I stayed at their dormitory.. if you want private room can check the rate at their website :)

faizah sukeri said...

ok thank you! 😊