September 11, 2012

Petronas Twin Towers Visit

It used to be free.. but now it's not! Boohoo!!

Thank God we, the locals, get to pay cheaper by presenting our MyKad. I definitely will think twice if I have to fork out RM80 to visit this attraction. 

This is my second time going up to the bridge cos I love my country very much. Hehe...

Each ticket has a time slot which you have to choose when buying the ticket. My sister bought the ticket for me and she chose the last slot hoping to get a beautiful view of KL at night. 

So at around 8pm, we were already at the check-in area.

It is advisable if you come earlier than your time slot cos you have to go through a security check, where everything will be scanned just like at the airport.

We were then treated to some hologram story of KLCC before being ushered to the lift. The lift ride was very short and it took us directly to level 41.

The skybridge is actually a double decker bridge, connecting level 41 and 42 of the twin towers but only level 41 is allowed for visitors. 

170m above ground

We were given a short explanation about the bridge by a guide and then around 15~20 minutes to walk around, enjoy the view and camwhore.   

Sadly, it rained that night so we couldn't really enjoy the view.

KL Convention Centre

KLCC junction

 the elevated highway

So yeah.. here's the camwhore pics...

my baby niece, Hannah

And not to forget, the bridge.

After the bridge tour ended, we were ushered to the lift and zoomed up to Level 86.

This is the highest level we can go up as another two levels are mainly for the towers' antenna, maintenance etc (if I'm not mistaken). 

During the free visit, tour to this level wasn't included so it was my first time here. 

So this is the tower as seen from 370m above ground.

Totally a new view for me as I always have to look up for the tower. But now, it's on my eye level. 

landmarks in KL

the Twin Tower

the spire!

Scan your ticket at the reader in front of the TV and you'll get this!

Cool aight?!

It was a good outing with my siblings. Should do this more often and visit more of our local attractions. 


Lavanduleae said...

after baca all regarding ur bangkok trip... then tgk pulak ur trip to petronas twin tower... nmpk KL is quite nothing rather than bangkok... y? *kena buang negara jugak ni nanti...*

rara said...

Lavanduleae: nyah kau! haha.. joking. kena pegi oversea lama sikit kot.. baru we miss everything in our country. :D

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