December 8, 2011

Run for a greener PJ.. and a darker me

The sky in the Klang Valley has been gloomy these days. But a few Sundays ago, I ran the PJ Half Marathon, and was burnt under the scorching hot sun. T_T 
We ran a new route again. This time, we started the run at Stadium Petaling Jaya, then along the Federal Highway. Made the U-turn at the 'Penang Bridge', back to Federal and then headed to Subang Airport. We U-turned in front of Subang Airport, and run back towards the stadium. With the sun up there shining without mercy.  

Improved my timing over Putrajaya Night Marathon. I think it’s verified now. I run well in the morning.
Fortunately, I got the medal. Hehehe... It was actually for the first 200 finishers only for each category but it seemed that most girls preferred to take part in the 10km category. 


So I got the medal as only around 180 girls in my category. But it also meant I was among the last. -_-  Oh well... I run for fun, though I tried not to be the last one. I have an ego to take care of :p
We waited until the event finished because of the lucky draw. TVs and iPad2 were among the prizes. So everybody waited patiently until the lucky draw time. What’s so funny was that every time a number got called up, and after 3 times the emcees called the number and nobody showed up, we would shout ‘BURN’. Loudly and happily. Because that means it increased our chance of winning. Hahahha..
After the run, my friend brought us for a breakfast at Village Park Uptown Damansara. Had their famous nasi lemak which was voted the best nasi lemak in Klang Valley. 


Didn't know about it but the nasi lemak was indeed yummylicious! Post-run carboload! hehehe...


Madam Sooyaree said...

Eh, itu stadium dekat rumah saya, heheheh

rara said...

first time i sampai stadium tu.. pelik tengok ada stadium tengah2 area rumah orang.. hehe