October 13, 2011

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

I used to be an ulat buku before. My parents instilled the reading habit in my siblings and I since we were small. Bambino, Kuntum and Dewan Pelajar were our monthly reads. My parents would bring us to book fairs around KL, and sometimes to Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka to buy books. When I read the newspaper, I would read every single news and articles, from front to back. Then, when I was bored, I read the labels on foods. Yeah.. I was that nerd.  

But nowadays, I realized that I read less. Less, I mean in terms of books. I seldom read books anymore. Magazines even. I only read things online - newspaper, wikipedia, blogs. I guess the world wide web has killed the bookworm in me.  

Then last week my girlfriend sent me a link to Big Bad Wolf Book sale. 

I've never been to the sale before so I didn't know how cheap the books would be. My sister went there last weekend and came back with a few plastic bags full of books. I took a look at the books she bought and immediately wanted to go. How can you not after seeing the price of the books. Most of them are priced at RM5~RM10.  

I decided to go check it out last Tuesday since it was quite near to my office. 

I was lost when I first entered the hall. I was like, this place is sooo big and there's sooo many books where should I start? Luckily each area have signboards stating its category. There's bestsellers, travel, cookery, children, hobbies, parenting, self help, health and beauty, biography, sports and many more! 

Ended up, I went there two days in a row and came back with these...

Total spent was only RM299 for 34 books. That's like RM8.80 per book. Super cheap aight?? I guess the whole books easily worth more than RM1500. 

The sale is until this weekend peeps. Go check it out! Eh eh kenapa tiba-tiba jadi spokesperson tak rasmi ni? hahaha... But seriously, go check it out! The books are super cheap it's a crime not to go.

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