August 2, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Finally, I finished spring cleaning my room. My God, I just realized my room was full of junks. No wonder I felt so stuffy all these while. I kept a lot of things because I felt so sayang to throw them away. Or I felt one day it might be useful to me.

I found a file full of my exam papers, from my alpha to final year papers.

Mobile & Satellite Communication

Communication Electronics

Random Processes & Queuing Theory

Looking at those papers, I felt so proud! *pat own shoulders* Proud of myself for passing those papers. hahaha...

I tried solving those questions just now but couldn't remember anything. T_T  I guess it's true what people say; we study just for the exam. As soon as we stepped out of the exam hall, we forgot everything!

You wanna see my other junk? I kept concert passes, movie tickets etc.

That was my first ever going to a concert! I told a friend I went to Mariah Carey's concert in 2004 and he didn't believe me. He said he didn't remember Mariah Carey ever came to Malaysia. Nah I show you the proof.

Oh oh... look! My teeth plaster. hahahaha...

I wore braces when I was in form 3. It was cool back then, everytime I had appointment with my dentist I asked him to change the color of the braces. I had pink, blue, green. Because of that braces too, I had all sorts of nickname. Gigi besi and robocop was the famous ones.

Also, a box full of things from my boarding school years.

My outing card.

I was the champion of outing. hahahaha... We can actually go back only once a month and go outing once a fortnight. But I always had excuses to go back to KL or went out to Jasin town every week.

We didn't have handphone back in my school days, so snail mails was my mode of communication with my friends.

A letter from the Chickpeas!

I also had a few penpals.

On my last day of school, we conteng-ed our school uniform with farewell wishes.

My crush. hahaha...

This is his poster from my 1998 Manchester United yearbook. Back then, I always bought Match magazine, just to collect his photos. Starting from the crush, I started following MU and now, even after he left, I am still a loyal fan.

Another junks from 14 years ago.

I was a big fan of the late Princess Diana. I cried when I read the news of her death. I was so obsessed with her, so I cut out every news of her. I even bought Candle in the Wind CD. She will always be my princess, Kate. 

Anyway, I found old photo albums under my bed.

Maybe I should start making a Flashback Friday entries when I'm free :D

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