March 6, 2011

Moscow city

Sightseeing around Moscow city is very easy. Their metros are very efficient and its attractions are mostly within walking distance (though your walking distance and my walking distance might differ ;p). It was the beginning of the summer season during our visit; but on some days the weather was really cold we needed to put our jackets on, then on another days we could just wear shorts and play outside. The locals told us it was their coldest summer ever; and later it also became their hottest summer. Signs of global warming ey? The inconsistent and unpredictable weather.

The cold weather made me ate like nobody’s business. So on those lovely cool days, instead of taking the fast way to travel by metro, we burned the extra calories by walking to our destinations admiring the beautiful structures around the city. But still, I came back to KL with extra 4 kgs fat. T_T


Moscow is one of the largest cities in the world. The city started around the Kremlin, and expanded further in all directions. All the major streets start there, and the other streets connected in concentric circles.

Other than the famous Kremlin, Red Square and the likes, Imma bring you on tour to see the other parts of Moscow. I love to see the buildings in Moscow. I felt like I was in a European city. Eh wait, Russia is a part of Europe. So Moscow IS a European city.

I’ve lost count on how many cathedrals and churches are there in Moscow. Seriously, there are so many of them. Say in 100 meters radius distance, you are likely to see more than 1 church.

And 1 thing for sure, Russian people love to sing. Karaoke clubs are everywhere. hehehe... 

If you’re tired of walking, hop on the boat at the river dock located across the street from the Kievskaya metro station.

Kievskaya metro station

However, if you wanna enjoy the boat trip, do visit in the warmer months as the river is either partially or sometimes completely frozen over in winter.

You can even hire the whole boat and have a party of your own. Cool ey?

The boat follows a typical route through Moscow river, travelling right through the heart of the city, and turns around at Novospasskiy bridge. The cruise boats usually do not stop, and the entire trip lasts up to 2 hours.

Cruising on the boat or walking by the river, you'll pass by this Peter the Great Monument. 

He was the first emperor of Russia, and also the founder of St. Petersburg.  

Veni. Vidi. Vici. ;p

You'll also pass by a beautiful pedestrian bridge, Bogdan Khmelnitskiy Pedestrian Bridge.

Why can't KL build a pedestrian bridge like this? Maybe if we have this kinda bridge, people will actually use the bridge instead of gambling their lives crossing the dangerous roads. Sometimes I think, all these ministers, what do they do when they make an official visit overseas? Can't they bring back all the good points and incorporate them here in Malaysia? Ahh I get it, free holidays. Pfftt. 

view from outside the bridge

If you love architecture, you certainly can't miss the Seven Sisters buildings. I'll blog about that later because I have so many pictures to share. :D

Next, if you would like to buy really good souvenirs in Moscow on reasonable price, don’t miss Izmailovo Market. Take the metro and get off at Partizanskaya station. It is just a few minutes walk from there. 


The market is surrounded by a mock wooden fortress and charmingly decorated with various statues of figures from Russian folklore and myth. 

The market is open daily from 10am to 5pm. We were there on a weekday so the market was kinda quiet. But I liked it that way, I am tired of going to a crowded place.  

Among the souvenirs you can get there...

This is the most popular Russian souvenir, the Matryoshka doll. 

Inside these dolls, you'll find a set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed one inside the other.

Russia was the leader when it came to fur coats. I guess it's not a surprise information yeah? I mean, the country has a rough and longer winters than any other places in the world. Therefore, there would seemingly be no better place to own a fur coat.

Everywhere you go, you're likely to see people wearing fur, from hats to coats to accessories. The streets of Russian cities in winter are reminiscent of a fur fashion catwalk.

Russian fur hats are known all over the world as the best heat savers protecting from severest frosts and winds.

They come in various styles; the trooper hat, the rabbit and mouton ushanka hat, the aviator bomber hat, diplomat style hats and many more. 


my fave!

I didn't buy any of those hats because I know I can't wear them in KL but now I totally regret it. Haihh...

Anyway, enough of my camwhore piccas. Here's some other random pics.

Main hall in Evropeisky Mall

Located next to Kievskaya metro station, Evropeisky Mall is one of the coolest shopping mall in the city. There's a halal restaurant here. I shall blog about it later too. 

petrol price in Moscow

Not much different from Malaysia. For your information, RM1 equals to almost 10 rubles.

tryna be artistic ;p



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