January 16, 2011

Makan-makan in Singapore part 2

This was the reason why I gained 2 kgs after coming back from Singapore last month. 

We went to Zam Zam Restaurant in Bugis area for dinner. This restaurant is quite popular for the locals and Malaysians. So, next time you're in Singapore, you might wanna give it a try.

It's just across the street from the Sultan Mosque.

OK I thought the deer murtabak was too expensive, so we ordered the norms, chicken and beef murtabak.

Because it was my first time there, I was a bit blur. The worker taking my order was standing quite a distance from me, so I didn't bother to ask him questions. When I ordered the murtabak, I just followed what other people ordered.

My sister: Mamak.. kasi murtabak daging 6. 
Me: Mamak.. kasi murtabak ayam 6. 

I thought 6 was the standard murtabak since everybody ordered one for themselves. When the murtabak came, I was shocked because the portion was large like a regular sized pizza.  

Chicken murtabak 

I couldn't finish this murtabak alone!

Beef murtabak

The murtabak tasted good, but as expected, we couldn't finish it. The serving was for 4 people! And oh, I discovered later when paying that the 6 was actually the price.

The next night, we went to another popular eatery, Kampong Glam Cafe. This place is actually not that far from Zam Zam Restaurant. Here, you can find Malay cuisines at affordable prices.

Kueyteow Ladna

The following night, I had this at Banquet food court in VivoCity. 

Chicken something-something I don't remember its name

And lastly, my trip to Singapore is not complete if I don't come here.

Tauhu something-something

Ketam Penyet

Keli Penyet

Sayur Asem

And the best ayam penyet ever! 

Jus Alpukat

Satisfied customer

On another note, for this trip we stayed at Ruck Sack Inn 2. It's just a few steps away from the original Ruck Sack Inn.

the Asian pose

Having stayed at both hostels, I prefer Ruck Sack Inn 2. Though on certain nights, you can hear loud noise from the bar below the hostel.

Right after I landed, when I was about to go to the shuttle bus lounge, I spotted this.


I didn't see it when I was in KLIA before for my Japan and Turkey trips. Weird.

Anyway, the idea of a jungle amidst the airport was great. I see it as a way to refresh my mind after a holiday somewhere, before going back home to reality.

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