October 17, 2010

Weekend at home

Nowadays, if I have no plans on weekends, I prefer to stay at home. Because I hate the traffic jam and I hate the crowded malls.

I'd rather play with my baby cat.

see no evil

speak no evil

muka pasrah

Kesian kucing ni kena buli. hahahaha...

wuwuwu... T_T

If I can't find my cat around the house, I'll catch up on my sleep, watch my sitcom series collection or play games.

Speaking of games, my house is like a video game arcade thanks to my gamer brother. We have a number of video game console in the house; the PSP, PS2, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and the Xbox 360. And don't get me started on his games collection. He even bought a 40" LCD TV for his room just for playing games. *rolled eyes*

As a result of that, I also became a gamer, and am very competitive when it comes to high-scores. I can spend hours playing the same game just to dethrone whoever is on top of me to make sure my scores and my name is numero uno.

But don't invite me to play God of War 3, Modern Warfare or Metal Gear Solid 4 with you, because I only play kiddy games such as this one...

hahahahha... and that was how I spent my weekend.

Played Angry Birds and scored 3 stars on every level. *puts L on forehead*


fatt said...

hahaha...kesian ur cat..muka sgt pasrah..so cute :)

talented jgk u main game..i dulu minatla zaman2 blaja dulu tp skrg nak main solitaire spider pun dah malas..kikiki :P

Madam Sooyaree said...

muahahaha... sama la kita, main kids game. oohh... and wii fit plus! kinda nice for orang yang malas nak keluar :D

rara said...

fatt & narif: lagipon sekarang ni panas la.. tu yang duduk rumah je main game.. hehehe