October 18, 2010

Mizuno Wave Run

When I wanted to register myself for this race, my sister and her friends told me that this Mizuno Wave Run was one of the race that they didn't intend to participate again due to its hilly route yang macam haram. hahahha... But I registered anyway because it's gonna be my training stint for next month's big mission.

As much as they hated the run, towards the closing date, they registered for it. I guessed because they also wanna treat this race as their training. In my sister's case, additionally, maybe she pitied me going to the race all alone.

So, here we were yesterday's morning.

We arrived there quite early, so I got to do my warm up and chitchatted with some familiar faces.

Met my friends and colleagues before the race started.

Video Design and TVEG united

We provoked each other in the office as a motivation to run this race. hahahah... We provoked Pian Jr saying he couldn't lose out to me because he's a guy, even though it was his first time participating in such event. Then they provoked me saying I'd definitely smoked them because I was a seasoned runner (which I am definitely not!). And many more provocations that pissed you off but it's a motivation for you to perform better.

The girls started the race 10 minutes earlier. So I ran steadily in the first few kilometres so as to distance myself as far as possible from the guys, when they started later on. They made me as Pian Jr's benchmark and I knew well enough that I was a slow runner. But I couldn't lose out to him. Ego kena jaga maa.. hahaha.
*competitive mode on*

Anyway, it was my first time visiting UPM. We ran 11km around the campus, passing by the students' college, offices, faculties and some palm oil plantation. Having graduated from a small university, I was impressed to see how big this university was. If the run was to be held in my uni, we would have to run like 11 times the same route to complete the 11km run. Yeahh.. MMU Malacca campus was that small!

There were hills here and there... bearable but I hated it when the start of a run was a hill. It just killed my energy. T_T

After the 10km marker, I was so happy as we were reaching the finishing line already. But my joy was short-lived as I turned around the corner.

There... in front of me was a killer hill.

the killer hill

Seriously, it killed almost all of us. It's about 500m more to the finishing line but everybody just didn't give a damn to speed up.

But the finishing was great. After that killer hill, it was a breezy run down the hill and off to the stadium track.

It felt good finishing the race at the stadium, I felt like an athlete participating in big games already. Tercapai cita-cita zaman sekolah nak jadi athlete. hahaha...

With my sister, proudly parading her medal. I didn't get one T_T

This is Pian Jr, my colleague. 

I won our race

This is Ita, my ex uni and companymate. 

She won our race

And this is a newly-wed couple. They just got wed on Saturday and ran 11km the day after. Woww... O_o

I didn't spot her along the route so I wondered how she ran in that dress, with the long train in the back. And also the false eyelashes, crown and wig.

Anyway, the overall route wasn't that bad. But, my sister and her friends said this year's route was a bit different. Maybe the organizer heard the complaint of last year's participants and made it a little bit easier.

I have no runs after this. I haven't do my LSD! Oh dear God help me. *hyperventilates* 

Maybe I should just fly to Istanbul and ditch the big FOUR TWO.


June Malik said...

hehe maybe u should?

rara said...

dunno la kak june, i am so fickle minded..