October 7, 2010

Off days for Miss Stomach

Syawal is coming to the end tomorrow. Finished my puasa 6 already. Alhamdulillah.

Apart from doing the sunat thingy, I managed to control my diet too. Didn't gain extra kg this raya season unlike previous years. \^_^/  I think I'm gonna stick to this Alternate Day Fasting (ADF). It's like a 2-in-1 concept. You get to lose weight, and you get pahala too.

I watch what I eat. But sometimes, I do give my stomach off day to indulge in those delicious food. ;p

Had Raya potluck party at the office last Friday while the guys were out performing the Friday prayer.

When engineers became chefs, you got all these yummylicious food.

It was a nice gathering of the ladies. We also had gift exchange session after the makan-makan.

I got a book that I've wanted to buy. Isn't it great?

Okay now you know how my unglamorous uniform at work looks like T_T

The makan-makan session with my colleagues continued after office hour at Amarin Heavenly Thai in Mid Valley. This time, together with a few of our ex-colleagues and guests from Japan.

Okay I know I suck at taking food photos. How the food bloggers out there managed to take pictures that makes their foods look oh-so-tempting? Makes you salivating as you look at them. I don't think my pictures are tempting enough. I merely focus the camera at the food and snap. No art at all.

2 of my university friends chose this raya season to tie the knot.

geng penindas + junior penindas

Congrats Zaf and Arom!

pictures credit to DSLR puan pinkerton.. hehe

Also congrats to Amin and wife. Sorry I missed your reception dude.

Attended a lot of open houses this whole month. But no pictures. See, I told you. When I eat, I EAT. Totally forgot about everything else. hahaha... (actually my shaky camera is in ICU now...so no camera no pictures lor).


Madam Sooyaree said...

nampak sedap je ur pics... ke pasal i jauh, so semua pun nampak sedap :D

rara said...

hahaha.. sebab u jauh tu.. dah start miss malaysian food ;p