September 7, 2010

The Reunion

Had iftar with my university mates yesterday at JW Marriott Hotel.

We had fun playing beach soccer at Klebang and hanging out at Projet (they had Destina back then, and we ate and laughed like nobody's business) late at night, singing our hearts out at Riviera karaoke, splashing water at A Famosa Waterpark, going for our weekly outings at Mahkota Parade. hahaha.. Those were the days... 

Although we seldom meet each other now due to our busy schedules and other commitments, we made sure to have a reunion every Ramadhan :)

My housemates for 4 years in Bear Hill.. 

I seriously can't eat buffet from now on. I have a feeling that my stomach has shrunk tremendously during this holy month as I was so full only after eating desserts and a plate containing a portion of meehoon, kueyteow and tandoori chicken. THAT'S ALL I ATE for RM40 (luckily we got discount as the normal rate is RM54++) !!! 

Anyway, the joy and happiness of reuniting with my beloved friends overwrote the kerugian. (ayat penyedap hati ;p)


Lady of Leisure said...

hehe i pun kalau pergi buffet, makan tak banyak mana sangat tapi sebab seronok makan ramai2 oncle a while ok lahkan hehe..

TopsyTurvyMum said...

Eid MUbarak Rara!

Take care:)

rara said...

lady: tu la.. seronok sebab jumpa kawan2.. hehe.. tapi dulu i memang boleh makan banyak gila.. ;p

TTM: selamat hari raya to u too sis!

p!nkerton said...

wahhh lama nya tak jumpe budak2 ni, esp chatz & zaid! best2 dpt gather togede2 camni ;)

rara said...

fatih: hahaha si zaid tu aku rasa setahun sekali je kot jumpa dia. busy memanjang!