April 26, 2010

A series of unfortunate events....

Don't be too happy about something.... you'll have a sad ending later on.

At least, that's what happened to me. T_____T

I looked so happy posing in front of that Malaysia building, little that I knew I had to go there again the next day.

I lost my passport on my last night in HK!!! I didn't really know how I lost it, but I suspected I was pickpocketed. Haa tu laa konon nak bergaya bawak that Neverfull pegi jalan-jalan. It might look stylish on you, but security wise, I wouldn't recommend it for traveling due to its large opening. I would definitely go for a zipper bag. *adding Longchamp Le Pliage to my wishlist now*

Well, I was guilty too. I put my passport, a credit card and some cash inside a neck holder and hung it around my neck without fail when I was alone. But I guess I was too happy when my friends came to join me my sense of awareness just went down the hill. That unfortunate day, I decided to just ditch the neck holder inside the Neverfull. Big mistake indeed!

But despite my misfortune, I was so lucky to be surrounded by a bunch of caring and kind-hearted people who helped me went through the agony. My CS host helped to call the embassy at a freaking 1.30am and the dedicated staff of Malaysia Embassy in Hong Kong answered it! Woahh.. they are so efficient man! Like, who the hell in their right mind would answer a work-related call in the wee hours of the morning. My host also called the police station to ask on the whereabouts of the station. And then, there's fellow CSers who accompanied me walking to the police stations at 2am to make the police report.

Okay, so this is what you need to do when you lost your passport (in Hong Kong):

1. Make a police report at the nearest police station.

2. Go to the Embassy at Malaysia Building. Immigration counter is at Level 23.

4. Attach 2 copies of passport photos. If you don't have passport photos with you, there's a photo shop at Hennessy Road. They charge HKD45 for 8 copies of the photos.

5. Then you need to go to Level 24 to submit Borang Angkat Sumpah, and pay HKD 42 for it.

6. Submit all the supporting documents e.g copy of IC, lost passport, travel itinerary for faster processing

7. Pay HKD125 and collect the emergency certificate.

I'm not really sure whether it's normal procedure or depending on the urgency and the information you provide, but the emergency passport would be ready on the same day.

When you're back in Malaysia, these are what you have to do:

1. Go to Immigration Damansara. Initially I went to Wangsa Maju as it's nearer to my house but were told to go to Damansara instead.

2. Submit:
  • Identification card
  • Passport application form
  • Borang Angkat Sumpah (again!) and pay RM5.
  • Passport photo (2 copies)
  • Emergency Certificate
  • Police report. Do note that even if your previous police report is in English, you still need to lodge a report in Malaysia. 
  • Supporting documents e.g copy of your lost passport
3. Interview with the immigration officer

4. The passport would be ready after 1 month so if you plan to go somewhere after your passport is lost, do it straight away after you arrive in Malaysia. At first I thought the procedure is same as applying for normal passport and you can get it the same or next day. So I waited until the last minute to apply for the new one. As a result, I had to cancel my trip to Manila as my passport wasn't ready yet!!!

5. Pay RM300 for the 32 pages passport but the validity is only for 2 years. T____T

You think my sad story finished already?? NO NO NOOOOO!!!

I had another unfortunate event at the airport. Almost missed my flight back home as I was interrogated by the police at the immigration check point. As I was traveling alone, I thought bringing a pepper spray would be the smartest thing to do. But...... it happened that pepper spray is considered as weapon in Hong Kong. FML max!

From wikipedia --> In Hong Kong, pepper spray is classified as "arms" under the "Laws of Hong Kong". Chap 238 Firearms and Ammunition Ordinance. Without a valid license from the Hong Kong Police Force, it is a crime to possess and can result in a fine of £100,000 and to imprisonment for 14 years.


Luckily I managed to convince them I wasn't guilty. Note: It is not a problem to bring a pepper spray in China and Macau. If you still wanna bring it, throw it away before you enter Hong Kong.

I managed to board my flight on time, partly thanks to AirAsia because the flight has been delayed. I couldn't describe how relieved I was when the flight finally took off. Even with a baby crying all the way in the 4 hour flight, my happiness surpassed everything. I was going back home!!!  Hoorayyyy!!!

But that hooray was overshadowed by another unfortunate event. See how malang nasib ku. I bought chocolates at the duty free shop only to leave it inside the Putra LRT. I was too tired and sleepy, I fell asleep inside the train. When the train arrived at Wangsa Maju station, I suddenly woke up and immediately rushed out of the train, leaving my boxes of chocolates behind. T______T

What a journey it has been! You'd think I'd cry my heart out but amazingly enough, I didn't shed a single tear at all. Well, that's part of the experience kan. What does not kill me makes me stronger!


June Malik said...

that shows how strong hearted you are, u go girl but so sorry abt all the mishaps, sometimes like that it happens, it happens all sekali .. but at least now if we lose our p/port in HK we know what to do ;p .. take care <3

Ella said...

rara - macam2 hal happen during ur trip ni ya.
hmm, selalu gak dgr bout pick pocket ni, i think the best part kene bawak bag yg fully zip. Go with ur LC bag, u selalu travel, U need that bag dear...

kalaulah i naik tren..harus i yg akan amik ur choc tu. hehe.

happy traveling again dear.

Axiao said...

macam kenal tat passport saja..not mine but my friend's hehe..in bangkok!!

rara said...

kak june: tu la.. selalu mmg macam tu. dia datang sekali harung.

ella: hehe tgh survey ni for best price. mmg dah lama nak beli LC bag tu. :D siapa la yg bertuah dapat chocolate free tu. banyak tau i beli T_T

axiao: haha. another special person with special passport. ur friend got pickpocketed also ka?

p!nkerton said...

mun ko mmg macho! hihihi survivor ok ;)