February 1, 2010

Sunday Morning

What do you usually do on a Sunday morning? As for me, I will sleep in until noon. Muahahahaha...

But yesterday I decided to make full use of my morning. I went hiking at Bukit Tabur, a place that is very near to my house, but I've always taken it for granted. I've been living in Taman Melawati all my life (minus 7 years spent studying in Malacca) and not even once have I go up there. What a shame! Well, I've always wanted to go. It's just that I don't have companies. But it never failed me to enjoy the picturesque quartz ridge hill from the neighborhood. It's the world's longest quartz ridge, mind you. For those who doesn't know this hill, you can start watching Datuk Yusof Haslam's movie now. ;p Seriously, I think he loves the view so much that I noticed most of his movie or drama had a shoot out of this hill. Okay kantoi di situ layan movie Melayu jiwang. hahahaha...

The famous hill in Yusof Haslam's movie ;p

It's been almost 8 years since I last joined any outdoor activities. I used to be so active back in school and universities. But after uni, no more camping, no more jungle trekking, no more mountain climbing, no more outdoor activities for me. I completely retired. Maybe I've had enough. I prefer sleeping on my comfy bed rather than sleeping in the tent on uneven land. I prefer having a hot shower than jumping in the river. I prefer strolling in the shopping mall rather than trekking and hiking the jungles and mountains. I wanted to rest and enjoy all the finer things in life I reckon.

But deep down in my heart, I miss those good ol' times.





And I guess my nature loving soul has never really left me. So when a CS member organized a trip there, and I also had nothing to do that weekend, I decided to join. 

The hiking up and down the hill took us 4 hours. The trail is quite adventurous and tough, but even so, first timers can always have a try and as long as you take extra precaution, you're good to go. 


The view awaiting you at the top is simply breathtaking. The hill offers dual mode view. On one side you can enjoy the nature where Klang Gate dam and Gombak Forest Reserve lie.

Klang Gate dam and Gombak Forest Reserve



Turn to the other side and you can see the city centre and urban development. 

city view

hill development at Taman Melawati.. 

Damn the hill development is massive! From behind my house (okay you cannot see my house in the picture, it's already blocked by 20Trees project), it extends until near the foothill of Bukit Tabur. F*** those developers! I miss those greeny hills behind my house :(
my hiking buddies

On my way up, I saw this doggy. I read somewhere on the Internet that this dog lives on the hill and it takes care of people hiking up the hill. I saw this dog following one guy walking alone returning back. So maybe it's true that this dog can guide the trail. 

It's a very tame dog!


they say it resembles the dragon backbone

the peak


I've made it! I've proudly conquered Bukit Tabur! 


mancet said...

hahaha zareeda..lol

June Malik said...

oh how i miss my younger days hahah .. dulu masa kak june early 20's memang suka do this and i have done this bukit too, memang fantastic ..now lutut dah tak bagi kot .. reserve untuk jalan marathon hehe .. see u saturday !!

rara said...

oit mancet.. apasal ko gelakkan zed? hehe

kak june - ishh kalau boleh marathon for sure boleh lagi outdoor activities lain.. hehe..
yeah.. see u saturday! but i dunno how am i gonna run.. sakit kaki panjat bukit tak hilang lagi ni :(

June Malik said...

alaa, u r young and will recover in time. jgn gi panjat lagi dlm dua tiga hari ni dah lah ;) i will look out for u !!