January 22, 2010

Around the World in a day

If Jackie Chan or Phileas Fogg can travel around the world in 80 days, I am for sure much more better than them. I did it in just one day. Fuyooo~ Am I crazy or what??

But yeah, you practically can do it! But only if you set foot in Window Of The World in Shenzhen, China. ;p

My journey started in Europe, to be exact: Paris.


dang my face so oily...

Notre Dame

Next, I went to the UK.

The Mazes

The Stonehenge

Then back to mainland, straight to Italy.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Went up north to Germany.

Cologne Cathedral

Detour to Holland.

The Windmills

Off to the largest country in the world, Russia.

St. Basil Cathedral

Crossed the North Atlantic Ocean to the USA.

Niagara Falls

Grand Canyon


Continued the journey to Latino America. First stop, Mexico. 

 The Statues of Warrior

Further down to Brazil.

Statue of Christ on Mount Corcovado

And then, Chile.

The Statues of Easter Island

Crossed the Atlantic Ocean once again to Africa to see the world's greatest early architectural achievements in Egypt. 

The Pyramid

Then, the journey continued with the largest country in the Asia continent, China.

China Gate

Looked east to Japan.

Mount Fuji and Itsukushima Shrine

 Flew back to India.

Modhere Sacred Well

Taj Mahal

Next on the pit stop was Cambodia.

Angkor Wat

Off to Thailand.

The Grand Palace

Finally, Malaysia!! Truly Asia. 

The Pagoda of 10000 Buddhas.. 
Where's the Petronas Twin Towers??  Damn disappointing.

Finally, the last continent to cover, the Oceania.

 Sydney Opera House

Maori village

Haha.. this is a very lazy entry. So sien.. only full of pictures. ;p

This Window of the World houses miniature replicas of famous landmarks and attractions from all over the world. What you see in my pictures here is only a quarter of the whole park. 

The park ticket is only RMB120 and it's easily accessible via subway at Shijiezhichuang Station at Shenzhen Metro Line 1.

The Louvre is actually the entrance of the subway.


tel said...

ni cam mini malaysia la kan...

but mini world

TopsyTurvy Mum said...


Canberra ada satu lebih kurang camni tapi lagi kecik miniature dia dr yg shenzen ni..

rara said...

tel - a'ah.. cam mini malaysia. weh bila nak pegi melaka? hehehe

TTM - u dah pegi ke kat canberra tu? kalau dah.. nak tgk gambar!!

tikab said...


TopsyTurvy Mum said...

I gi lama dahhh 2007 x silap..

ada kat my fb..add me :)


Lisa Lisa said...

dude aku baru teringat pasal melaka..aku dah semakin yakin..aritu aku trip ke JB. bebila je bole. seriyes! nanti aku emel.

BibiErr Karim said...

According to ur pengalaman exploring the park, rasa2 sempat tak if I go visit WoW in the morning & get back to HK for my 8pm flight back to Msia.

rara said...

BibiErr: sempat je.. half a day can complete.. tapi rush sikit la.. bila nak pegi HK?

BibiErr Karim said...

Insha Allah, harap2 sangat sempat. Hahaha. Departed on the 30/06, stay there for 4 days only. Tengah gobek ur entries pasal HK & Macau & Shenzen ni. Hihi. Tqsm for sharing ye.