January 4, 2010

The tallest of 'em all

How high will we go to surpass one another to have the tallest building in the world?

The Petronas Twin Tower used to be numero uno at 452m.

Then Taipei 101 add another 57m to snatch the title.

 Today, the world's tallest tower will officially be opened in Dubai, despite them having the economic crisis now.

The tower stands at 828m! It beats Taipei 101 by 319m. Ini memang betul-betul susah nak challenge. If there's any title challenger to come in the next few years or decades, I bet we're gonna see a kilometre high building.

It is so high my cheap camera couldn't capture it in one shot.. so kesian... have to take 2 shots to get it full.. hahahha...

Anyway, have a good working week in the new year y'all! I will start mine next week. :D

 Burj Khalifa or formerly known as Burj Dubai

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