January 12, 2010

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder

One look at it and you might think it's just another bag from the department store.

But hey heyy.. do you know that this bag costs a bomb! It's priced at £7,300. That's around RM40k y'all!!! And I heard this is the present that Dato' Siti Nurhaliza got from her hubby for her birthday this year.

Tapi agak tak berapa cantik la. I think LV should just stick to their signature monogram, damier ebene or azur pattern. That Calliope bag does not make my heart goes gaga!

Like this beauty always does!

I went to the boutique in Abu Dhabi and it's sold out and the waiting list is very long! Wahhh!! * takda duit nak beli pun, saja je buat-buat tanya.. ;p *

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