October 23, 2009

Girls and their weight issue is a neverending problem

Syawal is already over. I bet a lot of us lost weight during the fasting month. But how do you feel when you see the weighing scale goes up again after the raya season? Nak menangis tak?? Haha.. sila salahkan diri sendiri sebab makan banyak tak ingat dunia masa pergi all the open houses ye.

I weighed 50.9kg on the 1st week of Syawal and 3 weeks later when Syawal officially ended, the scale was at 53.0kg. I needed more than 3 months to break the plateau and lost 5kg, and just 3 weeks to increase back 2kg. Life is so unfair. >.<

Looks like I have to go through my intermittent fasting routine one more time. When I first started my diet in June last year, I was at my heaviest 61kg. Sumpah gemuk gila and my BMI was already at the normal region borderline, almost overweight la tu.

So I started fasting regularly. The boring same food at the canteen makes it easier. hahaha.. Apart from that, I started cutting down the carbo by ditching the rice and going to the gym. The result: I lost 10kg (Now kira 8kg la sebab dah naik balik 2kg dammit!).

Even though I've been receiving a lot of comments saying I look better now, why I don't feel so eh? You will say women will never be satisfied with themselves. But in my case, I am seriously far from kurus. Before this I always say, mengadalah kau dah kurus pon kata gemuk kalau ada kawan-kawan yang kurus yang asyik complain diri sendiri gemuk. Now I understand why they're complaining. Because that's what I feel. Ceh ceh dah perasan kurus sekarang ;p. Kalau tengok luaran memang la nampak kurus. Wait until you see me in bikini (you wish!). Baru nampak segala lemak tersembunyi tu. hahaha...

I have set a new challenge for myself. I wanna see the weighing scale at 50.0 come 1st January 2010. Jia you!


paulinevoon said...

well.. that is our responsibility as a woman, a lady, a female.. we just got to keep in shape, looking good and all.. after all, we are the flowers of the world.. stay pretty, stay in shape ok?

cheers :)

rara said...

working hard to be like u sis :)