October 12, 2009

Misi mencari bunga

Last Saturday was my little sis' convocation day, so wajib la pergi beli bunga. My older sister asked me to buy  the flowers on Friday night as the flowers' price at the convo festivals would surely doubled up. So after work, I fetched lil sis at home. She wanted to choose her own flowers.. boleh?? Pergi Melawati, bunga dia nampak tak fresh. Then we went to Wangsa Walk Mall. Nak kena tempah la pulak. Sebab nak jugak beli bunga murah, we went to Petaling Street as I know situ banyak kedai bunga and sure will open until late as it was Friday night.

It was almost 10pm when we arrived there and yes, all the florists were still open. The area was still alive and kicking! They were also busy preparing for the convo festivals around KL that weekend. We had a lot of choices, walking from one florist to another looking for the perfect bouquet of flowers.


These 2 bouquet of flowers only cost me RM90. The blue roses were RM35 per dozen and the stargazers were RM55 for 10 flowers. Not sure if you can get it more cheaper elsewhere but for me it's considered cheap bcoz if I were to buy the same bouquet of flowers at the convo festivals, it will cost me at least RM50 per dozen for the roses.

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