September 5, 2009

Ready-made vs Tailor-made

A few months ago, I googled the Internet to look for sewing class around my neighborhood. I found one. But to my surprise, the course will empty RM1000++ off my pocket. Can you believe it??? That is darn expensive! I thought it might cost me only around RM500~RM700. Is it really that expensive or is it the normal fee for such course?

I've never liked sewing, but I can sew some easy and simple things. For example, I can repair my own pants/shirts yang benang dia dah tetas and make my own tudung *Ariani. I know how to sew since I was a kid, I managed to make my own 'batu seremban' when I was in primary school. Terer tak terer? hahaha... I think I picked up the skill from my mom. She used to sew my baju kurungs, be it baju kurung sekolah or baju kurung raya. But she only knows how to make baju kurung la since she never make a kebaya for herself or us siblings. But dah makin tua, tak sihat and nak rest pulak.. she stopped sewing.

So, since then I have to find a tailor. A mission I find tough coz you can never find a good tailor with cheap rate in KL. Cheap as in RM40-50 for a simple baju kurung. Kalau ada sila inform me plis! A standard rate for a tailor-made baju kurung in KL will cost you RM80. Some even higher. And you only get a simple baju kurung or kebaya. If that baju kurung needs to add lining, double the rate. Tu belum buat baju kurung modern yang bermacam2 style. Nak buat lengan puff la, leher boatneck la, kain kipas la, tambah manik labuci mak datin la. In the end, the total amount untuk upah jahit je would be RM200++ per piece.

I found a cheap tailor near my house before, but her sewing tak kemas and tak cantik. Terus reject sampai sekarang. Since a few years ago, I go to Chong (those living around my neighbourhood area should know this tailor). Pejam mata je la bayar masa amik baju. Huhuhu... Sometimes I go to another tailor in downtown KL. Harga sama macam Chong, but the drawback is leceh nak pergi sana.

Chong ni yang tak bestnye sebab banyak sangat tempahan dia amik, baju selalu lambat siap. I almost got a heart attack when my baju for a bestfriend's wedding reception tak siap!! Before that, I called them many times to make sure they can finish it before the event. Dia cakap OK OK OK. Sekali datang nak amik petang tu tak siap lagi!!! Warghhhh!!! And I need it before tomorrow's morning. Luckily they managed to finish it that night. Siap special service hantar gi rumah lagi sebab kedai dah tutup pukul 7pm. hahahah...

Some people prefer to buy the ready-made ones. Easy peasy. Pegi kedai, pick and pay. Tapi for me it's difficult, coz I am choosy. Selalu nye tak berkenan dengan design or color, and then kadang2 dah jumpa yang cantik takda size or tak fit betul, terkecik or terbesar sana sini pulak. Mengada kan? Padahal nak pakai 2-3 times je.

So, that's the reason why I wanna learn how to sew. Kan ke boleh jimat banyak kalau boleh jahit baju sendiri.

Tapi kat rumah, I have this old school sewing machine yang kaki kena tekan2 tu. Macam ni..

Gila susah nak pakai. Tapi kalau nak beli yang macam ni
complicated sangat la pulak kan??

Petang ni nak pegi amik baju raya kat Chong 2 pasang. Tahun ni boleh la amik baju raya cepat sikit sebab hantar dah lamaaaaaaaaa dah.. patutnye 1 tu siap bulan 4 and 1 lagi siap bulan 7. Tapi sekarang baru siap. Hahahha.. lambat tak lambat si Chong ni. Dia kena call selalu utk push suruh siapkan cepat sikit. Tapi since nak guna untuk raya I tak push pon. So itu ler hasilnye.


tel said...

blaja..ko 2nd friend aku yg minat..kalau ade minat gi blaja!

rara said...

tak minat pon.. tapi saje nak blaja sbb upah tailor mahal :(