July 24, 2009

Bye bye Makati....

I made a hard decision by postponing my Australia adventure trip to next year. Flu virus is more likely to be transmitted in winter, with H1N1 cases going up and Australia is one of the most affected countries, I didn't regret paying for the ticket change penalty. Plus point, I have more time to save money, and to accumulate my leave. Patut kalau go on jugak kena amik unpaid ler jawabnye sebab cuti tak cukup. hahahha... And by changing my ticket, I took the opportunity to extend the trip. New Zealand, here I come! Yeayy!!

But the traveler soul in me still wanna go somewhere. I told you I can't stop myself from buying tickets during promotion. hahahah... so I chose a nearby place.

I'm supposed to fly to the Philippines tomorrow morning. Not sure what to expect, I've been getting 'Apa ada kat Philippines?', 'Philippines boring la.' etc but I decided to see it for myself. Then only I can judge. Macam Hong Kong la, my friends hate it. But I absolutely love it. People have different perceptions. So, at the end of the day, you have to go and see it, experience it yourself to love or to hate a place.

Research has been done, plan has been made, hotel has been booked, money has been changed...

Alas, I AM NOT GOING!!!! Burning my ticket just like that.. damn it! I didn't intend to burn it though, just that I couldn't change the ticket's going out date due to too short a notice. I can change the return ticket but considering the price I have to top up and the price of the one way ticket I have to buy later, I have to shut my eyes pretending I don't have the tickets in the first place.

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