March 12, 2009

Swinging under the sun...

After practicing my skill at the driving range for some time, it's about time la kan for me to show it off (kononnnn) at the golf course.. hahahha..

Surprisingly, Awana Kijal's rate is cheaper compared to those golf courses in Kuantan. Luckily it's only 1/2 hour drive from The Legend. So after the department trip, we went there for a round of golf.

It's kinda funny when I called to make reservation, the receptionist said 'It's a Sunday so it will be a weekday rate.' I was blur at the moment so I replied, 'Isn't Sunday counted as weekend, plus it's a public holiday weekend. Are you sure it's a weekday rate?' Bengong jugak aku ni, orang dah bagi rate murah lagi mau tanya... hahahha... So she explained that Sunday is a weekday in Terengganu. Lupa pulak Awana tu kat Terengganu... sebab dekat je dengan Cherating you didn't realize that you've already entered another state.

Ready to tee-off. Nahhh.. in case you're wondering, my shot didn't fly into the jungle. ;p

The picturesque 14 hole.

After 5+ hours under the hot sun, we finished playing the 18-hole course. Woahh... sangat penat + lapar + dahaga!!

See, muka ku sudah berjelaga... huhu...

Had our lunch at the lounge. Mahal pon mahal laa.. perut aku dah lapar ni!

My verdict after completing my first 18 hole game, I am ready to become the next Michelle Wie. Hahahhaha... as if!!

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