March 11, 2009

Cuti-cuti Malaysia : Cherating

For this year's department trip, my department together with another 2 departments in the division had a poll to vote for our venue. The choices were The Legend Resort Cherating, a resort in Beserah, Port Dickson and Pangkor Island each. Kesian kan, company lain department/company trip pegi oversea but us, only cuti2 Malaysia saje dong. Tapi ok la daripada takde kan...

In the end, the majority voted for Cherating.

So off we went to Cherating last weekend.

Met my carpool-mate at the office car park and convoyed with our Japanese managers. We took the MRR2 and it was totally a wrong decision. At 10am, MRR2 heading to Pandan area already jam packed with cars. Wtf!!! It's only 10am, and just 1 hour ago on my way to the office the road was clear.

After enduring the jam and had a pit stop at the R&R, we arrived at Cherating at around 1pm. As this was the first time for my Japanese bosses visiting the east coast, I planned to have a nice welcoming lunch. Nak cari restaurant macam ala2 dekat Umbai la. But we had a hard time looking for one. Restaurant semua macam hidup segan mati tak mau je. Finally, we had our lunch at a cafe in front of The Legend. Sebab semua dah lapar, bantai aje lahhh... nasib baik sedap.

the lobby area

Checked in and rested for a while. The journey was tiring, the bed was calling me to land on it and sleep. But being me, I'd rather be outside than stay inside the room while travelling. Bilik memang hanya untuk tido. hehehe...

It's a free-n-easy activities followed by telematch in the afternoon and dinner-karaoke-lucky draw session in the evening. A fun day it is!

On overall, the resort was nice. The room is OK, the foods are delicious and the scenery, it's just beautiful!

I've always loved beaches. It makes me feel so relaxed. I would definitely recommend this place is you wanna go Cuti-cuti Malaysia.

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