February 22, 2009

Gusti Putri Raden Adjeng Retno Dumilah

Sila lah google kalau nak tau nama siapa tu. Gila panjang kalau la dia amik SPM ntah camane dia nak isi borang OMR tu. hahaha.

I didn't watch the movie. But am absolutely in love with the musical. So in love that I was excited to watch this musical again even for the 3rd time. Haven't missed the show since season 1. Oh did I tell you I love Enfiniti's musical theatre production? I also watched PRTM twice. But I never watched musical2 hasil kerja orang lain. hahaha.. keji kan? Sungguh tak men-support the industry.

When I got to know that it will be shown again, I didn't think twice about buying the tix. Seperti biasa, watched it with my sisters coz other people weren't interested. Ataupon kitorang je yang gila tengok berkali2.

Not because this is DS Tiara's last performance as Gusti Putri. But I just love the whole show. The songs especially. I even bought the live performance recording CD during the 2nd season. Semangat sehhh...

Who can deny the attraction of the handsome Hang Tuah?

Also the wacky Sultan Mahmud - I think Adlin's performance was great! the song and the dance was hilarious, the cute Raja Ahmad - who would've thought he's only 6 years old and so confident on stage!, the mysterious Bayan, the choreography for the ensemble and the magical and mystery aura that they try to bring. Not to forget, the impressive props! If PRTM has the train, PGL got the ship. I really salute the crews behind those props. I feel like watching a whole new show.

And I was impressed to see a lot of non-Malays came to watch the show. Maybe because of Stephen Rahman-Hughes. hehehe.. he's such a hunk! ;p

Though my seat was not really good (ni semua pasal my sis lambat pegi beli), all in all, it's worth it! Sangat best. But sometimes the music got too loud and drowned out the actors’ voices, I had to look for the subtitles at the side of the stage.

Towards the end of the show, I felt a bit sad. haha. Maybe knowing that this might be my last time watching it. Since DS Tiara has announced that this is her final act, I think this would also be my last. Macam tak best jer kalau orang lain yang berlakon. But we'll see...

Gusti Putri Raden Adjeng Retno Munirah.. haha


ms ja said...

pic #1 nampak mcm ko dha kurus byk. wahhh!!

rara said...

ilusi optik semata2.. trust me!