April 27, 2008

Indonesia : Bandung Trip - Day 1

Went out from house at 7.45 when I am supposed to meet them at 7.45. hahahha.. I think I need to work out on my punctuality. Usually when I am supposed to meet my friends around a certain time, that would be the time I make my move. Bad bad me! 
So I thought I was late.. but when I reached there I only saw Jamie sitting alone. Ceyyy.. Mas hasn’t arrived. At that time I was kinda worried coz it’s almost 8am already. So I quickly texted her, and around 10 secs after that she suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Nasib baik SMS free. Hehehe.

The train arrived soon after and off we head to KL Sentral. Arrived almost 8.30 and the Skybus has just left. The Yellow team straight away came to us and said ‘ Cepat. Bas dah nak jalan’ and they wanted to take our bag (more to like macam nak rampas). Eh ehh ganas betul diorang ni. I read a few comments on Skybus website about the rudeness of the Yellow team and it turned out to be true. But I said ‘It’s OK.. we are waiting for another fren.’ But actually I’m still worried coz if we miss this bus, the next available one is on 9am. Actually boleh je naik bas 9am but who knows kot2 dia gerak lambat ke.. cong ceng cong ceng blablabla sampai sure around 10++.

After Ja arrived, kitorang pon naik, bas dah almost full. Siap ade orang naik tu turun balik coz takde seat. Then bas jalan around 8.45am. 

Surprisingly kitorang sampai LCCT cepat. The ride tak sampai sejam pon. Tapi masuk je LCCT.. mak aiiiiii ramai nya orang! My previous trip sume takde la packed gila camni. Or issit sebab flight pagi. Yg previous suma petang. 

Pijot already arrived and was having breakfast with her bf. Decided to check in first. Takut lambat pulak. Mase queue Farah pon sampai. Then after that we had our breakfast at McD.

Boarding time 11.05 so kitorang pon pegi lerr ke pintu itu. Skali the staff said Bandung dah final call. Apelagi… kelam kabut ler sume. Lepas scan passport and nak scan bag skali terdengar le announcement yg memanggil nama kitorang.. ahahhahaha! Sume lumba jalan kaki la jawabnye ke plane. Nasib baik ade lagi 2-3 orang yg lambat jugak.. so takde la malu sangat. Heheheh.. 

Masuk je plane mmg confirm dah penuh so sume duduk berterabur aje laa..

Sampai je kat Bandung airport.. terkezut japs tgk die nye airport.. pastu masuk dlm lagi laa.. kecik, sempit and kelam kabut.. kat situ la nak cop passport pastu kat tepi tu laa nak amik bag.. pastu terus pintu keluar.. that’s all. I was expecting a nicer airport since Bandung is of the hot destinations (to Malaysians!).

Keluar aje from the hall terus scan for Tomy, our supir... and there he was. Tgh pegang banner with my full name and my nickname ;p... konfem kena gelak dgn bebudak ni.. hahhaha.. and mmg betul kena gelak pon. "Sejak bila nama kau rara wehh???!" Biase laa nama glamer.. hehehhe..

Terus laa kenalkan diri kat Tomy.. then dia kate tunggu kat sini dia gi amik mobil. A few minutes after that dia arrive ngan Avanza.. hmmmm…mcm tak muat jee nak sumbat bag2 kitorang nih.. ingatkan nak buat 2 trip ke ape.. tapi pastu last2 sumbat suma dlm Avanza tu.. dgn bag2 yg besar bagak tu pastu 5 orang kat seat belakang.. wahahhahahha…

Hasilnya ...

Crammed bontot diorang berlima kat belakang tu.. hahahahha... and I was so very the selesa sorang2 kat depan. hehehe...

The journey to our hotel around 10 minutes kot.. Mula2 sampai depan hotel I thought mcm kecik nya this hotel.. kata Mutiara Hotel ni 3 star. And dia betul2 tepi jalan..

Masa nak tgk bilik the staff tunjuk keluar pintu and bawak gi hotel.. oooo.. kena jalan ke belakang sket rupanya... the room looked OK.. so OK laa.. no need to amik extra room nor bed.

Bila the staff bawak bag naik bilik, nak decide pulak sapa bilik dgn sapa.. but dunno sapa punya cadangan just ikut aje laa mana staff tu letak our bag. So I ended up with Mas n Jamie. Coincidentally, bilik tu ikut our names... 3M n 3F. hehehe...

After rest n freshened up, sbb suma orang dah lapar we decided to have our lunch first.
I suggested Pak Chi Met.. teringat lagi kesedapan dia last year!

Tomy joined us. Eh?? I thought die akan tunggu kat kereta aje, like most supir will do. Mula2 dia diam aje, but luckily suma orang pon cepat warm up.. the awkwardness pon hilang just like that.

So lepas lunch, our mission pon bermula!

oh hooo.. banyak bag!!! Sampai taktau nak pilih yg mana... last2 tak beli apa2.. hahaha..

Total damage done on 1st day = rp1562k

Habis shopping, Mas teringin nak karaoke.. at first I was worried coz time tu dah 9pm kot.. nak karaoke, dinner lagi of coz laa balik lambat.. my deal with Amir, the service is from 9 am till 10pm.. But luckily Tomy sporting banget.. siap join karaoke dgn kitorang. Hehehe.. But I didn't enjoyed much coz I was sleepy and sudah lama nggak karaoke so I dun have any ideas nak nyanyi lagu apa... Somemore diorang suma nyanyi lagu Indon yg wa nggak tau dong! Kalau Peterpan or Sheila on 7 wa tau ler..

Karaoke ni gempak OK! siap ada disco ball, wireless keyboard, camera... and best of all, rate nya murah banget sihhh!!! our medium room is only rp60k per hour!

This outlet is owned by Inul.. yess.. that dangdut gerudi singer.. hehehhe... Inul, sila buka cawangan di Malaysia plis.. pasti Redbox bungkus pastu! hahahha...

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