November 13, 2017

Halal Food in Ho Chi Minh City - part 2

Part 1

A lot has changed since my last visit to Ho Chi Minh City in early 2014.

Some restaurants from my previous visit are no longer there, has changed their name/owner, or has expanded so here's an updated version from my visit in Oct 2017.

The majority of halal restaurants are located at Nguyen An Ninh or best known as the Malaysia Street.

When in Vietnam, you must try Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup. On my last trip, I tried one at Restaurant Hajah Basiroh but I felt the taste was rather bland. Despite that experience, I wanted to eat pho again during this trip. The key to a delicious pho is in the broth so there must be some restaurants that can make a good one.

While shopping at Rohani Collection, the guys suggested us to go to Restaurant Haji Idris. I also read CARI Forum and many forumers suggested Halal Amin because they're cheap and the foods are delicious.

Dinner time, we went to Restaurant Haji Idris but it was full house. We malas to wait so we went to Halal Amin instead.

Ordered pho.

It tasted so much better than my previous pho at Restaurant Hajah Basiroh! OK la.. can come here again next time.

Halal Amin is also cheaper. I only paid 160,000 VND for 2 person's meal with drinks.

Here's the menu.

A plate of rice and a bowl of noodle are at 50,000 VND each (except for Nasi Goreng Pattaya) where other restaurants usually charge more.

Restaurant Haji Idris was full house but I had a quick look at their menu.

It's more expensive but I didn't eat there so I can't comment whether the taste justify such a hefty price.

There are many restaurants like Restaurant Hajah Basiroh (I don't like the pho but taste is subjective), Restaurant Haji Os Man, Restaurant Salima, Restaurant Hj. Man Sour, and Restaurant Mu Sa Ka Riem for you to try. Generally, I think halal food in HCMC is quite pricey. If you come with a big family, prepare to fork out hundreds of RM for every meal. 

I heard the space rental is around 4000-5000 USD monthly so that probably explains the pricey food and some restaurants closed or changed owners since my last visit. Whatever it is, here's what I do - choose hotel that comes with free breakfast. Eat heavy breakfast that can make me full until late afternoon, go shopping and have early dinner, and continue shopping again haha. #jimat

All of the above restaurants are located at Nguyen An Ninh. But if you walk till the end of the street and turn right, there's another halal restaurant, Saigon Green House. 

I also saw another restaurant just across the end of Malaysia Street, Daun but forgot to take photo. 

When in Vietnam, other than pho, try this!

I didn't though cos I don't drink coffee :D 

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