August 28, 2017

JJCM : Paul @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

I've been eating a lotttt lately haha. #whatdiet

Paul, the popular 128-year-old French bakery chain has opened in Pavilion Elite. Went there last month and I'm hooked. It's now one of my favorite place to enjoy a lazy weekend.

Patrons has the choice of dining inside the restaurant for privacy or if you would like to people watch or be spotted, you can dine outside. The décor of this bakery restaurant is beautiful. It has this chic design, making me feel like I'm in Paris :D

They offer mouth-watering selection of pastries and desserts; fruit tartlets, eclairs, napoleons, tarts and cakes.

If you're looking for some savoury treat instead, they also have a good selection of sandwiches, crepes, meat and fish main dishes to choose from.

This is my absolute favorite.


Iconic recipes from any Parisian café, croque-monsieur is a baked turkey ham and cheese sandwich. Initially I wanted to order croque-saumon poireaux which is the salmon version but then I thought, hey I can eat salmon if I go to Paul overseas so let's order ham instead. Anddd it was my best decision that afternoon. The croque-monsieur was heavenly. Best eaten once served to enjoy pain de mie way, else it will get crusted once cooled off.

Omelette complete

You can't go wrong with this large omelette with turkey ham, mushrooms and cheese.

Overall, it is always a pleasant experience dining at the restaurant. Though a bit pricey, the food is yummy. If you are looking for an authentic French patisserie, I highly recommend coming here.

Here's the menu if you would like to plan in advance what are you going to eat.

Bon appetit!

Level 2, Pavilion Elite
Contact: 03-2145 2000/6000


Unknown said...

Hi! is it halal?

rara said...

@Aida Aqilah: I think the bakery itself is not certified halal, but I'm sure they use halal-certified ingredients

Ariff said...

Ham and cheese is halal?

rara said...

@Ariff: You can call them to check the status :)

Unknown said...

hi is it halal?