June 16, 2012

KL Tower International Day Night Towerthon Challenge 2012

Do you know that climbing stairs is considered as one of the most effective ways to burn up calories? So if you live in a condo or work in a high rise office, ditch the lift y'all!

And ditched the lift I did - to climb up 2058 stairs to the top of KL Tower!

It was a night event last year but this time around, they changed it to a day and night event. The ladies, juniors and veterans all were flagged off in the afternoon. Only the Men Open category started at night, which I think was due to the large number of participants in that category.

Better arrangement I think, cos it eased the congestion at the staircase. 

inside the tower

hydration station

resting and waiting to go down 

inside the lift

It was my second climb. The first climb was last year and I vowed not to participate in the event again cos it was really tough. I still remember that I could hardly breathe and almost fainted while climbing the stairs due to suffocation. Nevertheless, I reached the top floor in 1 hour and 6 minutes. I wasn't satisfied with my timing as my sister and all her friends finished under an hour! So I immediately changed my mind and vowed to take part this year to clock a better timing. Yeah.. sometimes I am competitive like that.

Look at the winners' result.

15 minutes? Seriously?! Perhaps she lives in a high rise condo and climb the stairs everyday.

Anyway, I managed to finish the climb in 49 minutes. A 17 minutes improvement from last year! Definitely will take part again next year for a better timing! :D

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