December 30, 2019

End of a Decade

Wawasan 2020
Satu pandangan jauh
Bukan impian malah kenyataan
Bersama kita jayakan

Still remember when I sang that song in early 90s, imagining in 2020 everything would be so futuristic with robots, flying cars and all, just like those in sci-fi movies. It's gonna be 2020 in a couple of days. Not much like what I imagined though.

And 2010 felt like just a few years ago. Woahhh... Time is running so fast it scares me mannnn cos I'm also getting old and reaching 40 soon.

Oh well... life goes on and we have to move forward. 
But before that, here's a recap of some memorable moments of my decade.

Ran my first Full Marathon. 42.195km! 

officially a marathoner

Did my Open Water scuba diving license in Tioman Island.

with my diving instructor, Jenny

Conquered Mount Kinabalu.

My first encounter with the snow. Learnt to ski and snowboard.

Went for umrah in Ramadhan. On my birthday!

I miss this place soo much!

Watched the Aurora Borealis.

Conquered the Everest Base Camp, and saw Mount Everest with my very own eyes.

Explored a lot of new places.

Learnt new things. 

Fell in love. Heartbroken. 

Had a scare and hard time when my dad fell sick. Alhamdulillah he is okay now.

Losses and gains.
I lost my mommy and my grandma and my cats.
Welcomed brother in laws, sister in law, nephews and nieces. And new cats. 

Happy times. Sad times.
On to the next decade! 

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