June 4, 2018

Discover the Albaicin

If you're planning to visit southern Spain, a trip to Alhambra is a must! And please please please book your ticket in advance. A friend of mine was on holiday to Granada recently but missed to visit this amazing World Heritage Site. She and her family didn't plan their days and simply walked in to the ticket counters but of course, all tickets were sold out. So rugi!

Alhambra aside, if you have extra time or even days in Granada, I would recommend to explore the labyrinth of Albaicin. Situated on the hill opposite the Alhambra, it is one of the oldest centers of Muslim culture in Granada. The district is a World Heritage Site, along with the Alhambra.

Albaicin as seen from Alhambra

Take a walk through its narrow winding streets. It is almost like a different world within Granada. This is due to the strong Muslim influence in this area. The area is hilly and the cobbled streets can be very steep in some places so leave your heels in the hotel room.

The steep hills lead to Mirador San Nicolas viewpoints, where you can marvel at the full splendor of the amazing Alhambra with the Sierra Nevada peaks in the background. Too bad it was cloudy when I was there.


 Church of San Nicolas

Granada city

Going back downhill, the street became more happening. There's a lot of souvenir shops selling a variety of interesting, exotic things to buy.  

I was spoilt for choice for dinner too cos halal restaurants are aplenty. Yassss!

Overall, Albaicin is really a charming place and fun to wander around, discovering tiny shops, bars and restaurants. 
And of course, the excellent views of the Alhambra. 

How to get there?
The C1 and C2 minibus do a constant loop of the Albaicin and they pass by every 15 minutes or so.
Alternatively, you can walk from Calle Elvira, just 5 minutes from the town center.

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