March 9, 2018

JJCM : K Fry Urban Korean @ IOI City Mall

My sister and I went to IOI City Mall a couple of months back. Dinner time, she suggested us to try this new Korean restaurant.

"But there's always long queue to get a table."

Kinda turned off to hear that but I wasn't rushing anywhere. Plus my logic, long queue = the food must be good haha.

So we joined the queue. Luckily it moved quite fast, we got in in less than 10 minutes.
I went another time and guess what, people started queuing even before they opened at 11.30am!

gigih beratur. 

inside the restaurant

What's special about this restaurant that attracts long queue outside?

Their best sellers are the Chicken Bumbuk butttttt it wasn't available that night. Dangggg!!

So we ordered Nude Chicks, Spicy Yangnyeom Chicks and Dakbulgogi Fries.

Spicy Yangnyeom Chicks

Nude Chicks

Dakbulgogi Fries

All sedap!

For dessert, we ordered Oreo Chocolate Bingsoo.

Oreo Chocolate Bingsoo

Yummy!! This is mini bingsoo but still, I had a hard time finishing it. Better share it with someone.

Lychee Rita

Ordered this because it looks so fun on the menu hahaha. The taste ok la, very refreshing.

Bong Bong / White Grape


Posted a photo on IGS and some friends actually asked me which is better, KFry or KyoChon? To be honest, I like KyoChon more but I might change my mind after I try the Chicken Bumbuk. So yeah, have to come again la to try it.

Updated 20 April 2018

So I came again recently to try the Chicken Bumbuk.

Ordered the Krazy Spicy Cheesy Fried Chicken Bumbuk cos I heard this is the best. The Original and Honey Mustard is sedap too but they can be 'muak'.

Look at the cheese! So sinful!

Watch the videos. Sorry there are 2 parts as I actually recorded this to my IG story.


My verdict? Sedap! But I would suggest you come in a group of 4 or more. I came with a friend and we couldn't finish the serving cos we were too full! If you come in a big group you can order all three to taste all.

Also ordered the mango bingsoo. Like the Chicken bumbuk, we couldn't finish it although we shared!

So? KyoChon or KFry?

I like both hahaha.

K Fry Urban Korean
Address: G26 IOI City Mall Lebuh IRC, IOI Resort City, 62505 Putrajaya
Contact: +60 3 8957 8126
Opening hours: 11.30am ~ 11pm


Izzatul Munirah said...

yg spicy yangnyeom chicks tu brapa pieces ade ?

rara said...

@Izzatul Munirah: Sorry I tak sure but it's half chicken. 8-10 pieces I guess.

Unknown said...

14pcs,br mkn 4.2.2019.1 set rm51.90 ambk warm water.plus2 charges2 = kt fb k fry dulu utk buat mcm tu so x perlu Q lgsg.