September 28, 2017

Halal Food in Sapporo

No visit to Hokkaido would be complete without having fresh seafood breakfast.
And we found halal food and muslim friendly menu at Donburi Chaya while looking around Nijo Market. I didn't write halal restaurant to avoid confusion cos it's not really a halal restaurant. They just have a few halal menus to offer.

Donburi Chaya is located in one of the alleys inside the market. You won't miss it cos there's a lot of photos outside the restaurant.

menus at the door

inside the restaurant

empty cos it was still early. sometimes you have to wait for tables in the afternoon

They have English menu so it's easier for you to choose. The staff also can speak some English.

We ordered the Zeitaku Donburi and Shiho Donburi cos we wanted crabssss! Couldn't get enough of the king crab we tasted earlier. Also ordered grilled mackerel cos it looked yummy. Miso soup and Japanese tea was complimentary.

My verdict: Service was good. The seafood was fresh and tasty. Price was not exactly cheap cos honestly I thought the portion was rather small. But king crab is expensive so OK la.

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