April 23, 2016

Stay Connected in Japan with Yokoso Sim

I used portable wifi to stay connected during my last trip to Japan.

One day while out shopping at Isetan KLCC earlier this year, I came across this advertisement.

Off I went to i-Club and enquired about the sim card.

So here's the details;
* The sim card cost RM 120.
* You get 3.5GB data with 4G/LTE network speed.
* It is valid for 15 days from activation date.
* Comes in nano sim (micro sim adapter included).

If you're interested, you can get it at i-Club Isetan KLCC or if you live outside KL, you can contact sales[at]yokososim.net for delivery to your doorstep.

Do note that this is data-only sim, no calls available. But no problem la.. if you need to call someone, you can use Whatsapp or Line call.

Sounds expensive? If you are going to Japan for less than 7 days, yes it is a bit expensive cos you can rent portable wifi for RM15/day during promotional period.
But if you plan to stay longer (not more than 15 days), this is probably your best option.

I went to Japan for 10 days last February and as usual, #foreveralone. So yeah.. the sim card was my best choice cos it was only RM 12 per day. 

Bought it about one week before my trip. Don't buy the sim card too early cos it has an expiry date. Do check the expiry date before you buy. It is written at the back of the sim card pack or you can just ask the staff during your purchase.

Setting up
After you insert the sim card, go to your phone settings. At mobile network settings, enter the APN, username, password and authentication type as listed on your sim card pack. So easy!

Overall experience
Setting up was straight forward.

It was much more convenient cos I didn't have to bring pocket wifi everywhere with me. Less device to carry, less device to charge.

Coverage wise, Yokoso Sim uses NTT DoCoMo's network so the coverage was very good. I got LTE connection even during snowboarding at Gala Yuzawa in Niigata prefecture.


Hazzly said...

Hi. Memang menarik blog pasal travel ke Japan. Saya first time nak g jepun bulan 11 ni. Nak tanya,maybe suhu 11-18C, pasal apparel kena pakai sweater tebal mcm musim salji atau pakai jaket biasa je?

rara said...

@Hazzly: Hi. Kalau suhu 11-18C tu sejuk jugak especially bila windy. I memang pakai winter jacket je. If taknak, pakai jacket biasa with layering pon ok. November is Autumn. Cantik! Enjoy ur trip :)