October 14, 2015

Tsukiji Market

I was looking at things to do in Tokyo when I realized that I haven't been to Tsukiji Market.

Always leaving out this market from my places to visit list cos I thought it's just a market. Do you visit Pasar Borong Selayang in Malaysia? I don't think so.. hehe..

But when I read about the market, it is actually quite interesting. Tsukiji Market is definitely not an ordinary market. Other than being the world's largest and busiest fish market, visitors flock the market early in the morning i.e before 5 am to catch the famous tuna auctions.

The auction is limited to only 120 person per day on a first-come, first-served basis, and it's free! So you have to come really early to secure your chance. Check out this website for detail, especially the market calendar cos the market does not open every day.

Mind you that there are no trains running before 5 am so you have to take a taxi or walk or spend your night somewhere nearby the market.

Since I have extra time in Tokyo, I decided to check it out. I actually wanted to watch the tuna auction but no one at the hostel was going (a group just went the day before). Taking a taxi in the wee hours of the morning sure is expensive so I decided to just skip the auction and go after 6 am.

But in the end, I woke up late and only arrived at the market at 10 am. hahaha.. The market has slowed down by then. Some of the fishmongers were already cleaning their spaces but luckily I could still see a lot of things.

Look at his knife O_O

Woah!! I definitely didn't know they used these kinds of knives to cut or fillet the fish.

The many kinds of sea creatures you'll see at the market other than fish...

After watching the tuna auctions, visiting or shopping at the markets, visitors would usually grab breakfast at one of the many sushi counters there.

But be prepared to wait if you want the best! Two of the most famous sushi place at the market area, Sushi Dai and Daiwa-Sushi are so popular that they have super long queues, it was madness!

This was queue for Sushi Dai...


Sushi Dai

You can find a queue in front of just about any restaurants here so I walked around the quarters quite a while cos I was looking for the shortest queue. haha..

Finally, I settled for this one restaurant, Bentomi. Queued for half an hour still.

I chose the S3 set, Sazanka.


How to go to Tsukiji Market:

 If you're travelling by train, take the Toei Oedo subway line to Tsukiji Shijo station, and take exit A1.
Alternatively, take the Tokyo Metro Hibiya subway line to Tsukiji station.

All in all, visiting the market was fun. FYI, half of the market is going to be relocated to the nearby Toyosu district in November 2016. So gonna visit it again to enjoy the market as it is now before it moves, as well as to watch the tuna auctions.

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