April 12, 2014

Cambodia : The Angkor Show - Ta Prohm

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So we're heading to Ta Prohm, which was used as a location in the blockbuster film Lara Croft : Tomb Raider. Various scenes were shot there, in which Angelina Jolie, as Lara Croft, battled a secret society called the Illuminati for possession of an ancient talisman. The temple is even now popularly called the Tomb Raider Temple or Angelina Jolie Temple.

I am a big Angelina Jolie fan so I was very excited as we walked towards the temple from the main road. From the gate, it was about 500 meters before reaching the temple. But it was a fun walk cos in my mind, I tried to recap the scenes from the movie. Ambik feel la konon. haha..

Ta Prohm was constructed in the late 12th century, founded by the Khmer King Jayavarman VII as a Mahayana Buddhist monastery and university. Shrouded in dense jungle, the archaeologists intentionally left the temple in its natural state when it was first discovered in the middle of the 19th century. This is to preserve the photogenic and atmospheric experience so we can have that authentic explorer feel.

The temple is one of the most visited site in Angkor Archaeological Park so be prepared to brave the hordes of tourists. Everyone lined up to have a photo in the same spots that featured in the film.

Been there done that yo!

Indeed, the temple was extraordinary and breath-taking. Seeing how nature has intertwined with the temple was really unique. Trees spread their gigantic roots over the temple, reclaiming the site by growing out of, and into, the ruins.
Nature vs Man? Yes, nature will win every time.


Jea Mohamad said...

ala dulu sy pegi tempat ni tgh contruction buat apa ntah. nampak sgt buruk masa tu..skrg dh lawa.

rara said...

@Jea Mohamad: bila tu? masa I pegi ada jugak certain area yg tengah under restoration work.. tapi tak nampak dalam gambar la.. hehe