November 10, 2013

Kyoto : Heian Jingu

From Philosopher's Path, I cut short to the main road, crossing Marutamachi Street and headed to Heian Shrine.

The shrine was built in 1895 to celebrate the 1100th anniversary of the founding of Kyoto. The main buildings are a replica of the original Kyoto Imperial Palace of the Heian period, but in a smaller scale.

This shrine is rather impressive. Or should I say, loud. The striking orange color is definitely calling visitors from afar.

the Oten-mon or main gate to the shrine's compound

This is the biggest building of the shrine, Daigoku-den. It was built in 1894.

miko or a shrine maiden

This white trees are actually omikuji (fortune-telling paper strip). Visitors who buy the omikuji and got bad predictions tie it to the trees or the wires on the temple grounds in hopes that the resident kami will protect the unfortunate recipient from harm.

dunno what tree was inside there

Eastern Temizu-sho has a sculpture of a dragon

Western Temizu-sho has a sculpture of a tiger

The Byakko-ro (White Tiger Tower), one of two towers in the Chinese pavilion style that face each other across the courtyard.


 There's a spacious and beautiful garden surrounding the shrine's buildings but I didn't go inside it, as they charge 600 yen for it. Quite expensive only for a garden I reckon. But I learnt later that the garden and this shrine was featured in 'Lost in Translation' starring Scarlett Johansson. So you might wanna see it.
Torii gate is one of the differences between a shrine and a temple. Leading up to the shrine is a huge orange Torii gate that was built in 1929. Standing at 24.2 meters high, it is reputed to be the largest in Japan.
so big!

  Heian Shrine is open all year round
Visiting hours from 6 am to 5.30 pm. Garden access from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
Entrance is free but garden access is 600 yen (adult), 300 yen (child)
Access : From Kyoto Station, take Kyoto City Bus #5 or Rakubus #100 to Kyoto Kaikan Bijutsu-kan mae

There's a number of museums and a library located nearby the shrine but I skipped them all obviously.

Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art

National Museum of Modern Art

Kyoto Prefectural Library

Still in the mood for a walk, I followed the Kyoto Walk guide exploring the southern Higashiyama area.


Henry Fox said...

yang ni pun tak sempat nak terjah. btw, ni bulan brape u pegi rara? asal mcm takde orang je... jelesnya!

rara said...

@John: banyak reason to repeat ni! hehe.. I pegi end of feb. shrine ni takde orang sbb tak famous sgt kot.