July 30, 2013

Malaysia Women Marathon

So this is a running report from a marathon event held about 5 months ago. Major lagging! hehe..

jakun mode on - it was my first time visiting I-City
Malaysia Women Marathon (MWM) was held for the first time in I-City, Shah Alam last April. It was the brainchild of Karen Loh, my running acquaintance, who is really an inspiration when it comes to long distance running.

The idea was to have a race where women could feel the empowerment from running together with their own gender. I mean, sometimes we do feel intimidated or uncomfortable running with thousands of guys around us. So it was a run where we, the women, could be ourselves. Awesome, right? Men were still allowed to join for support though, but their participations were only limited to volunteering and pacing.
 with Kathrine Switzer!
The event was extra special cos Karen even invited Kathrine Switzer to officiate the event. You might not know her but in the running world, she's like a superstar. She was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon as a numbered entry. A marathon which I can only dream of running, cos the qualifying time for my category is 3 hours 35 minutes! T_T  
 ready for the run
 somewhere nearby Kelab Shah Alam

Being a maiden event, I didn't expect much from the organizer. But overall it was OK. Apart from poor traffic control at some areas, I thought they did a good job in making the event a success. There's performance from some schools along the route, and most importantly the support from the volunteers were amazing! Loved the LYN and FMV kedai runcit!

But sadly, I don't think I'm gonna run again next year. Might only be a supporter, unless they change the route. I hate the route!! It was up and down, up and down, up and down at most part of the route. I don't remember Shah Alam being that hilly. I ended up walking most of the time cos I was fed up with the hills. Pfttt!

with the Sukan G's team, who is the official merchandiser

 cute finisher tag

Ok.. till my next run, the Shape Night Run in September. :D

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