April 20, 2013

Myanmar: Yangon Circle Line

I was browsing through my Myanmar travel guide book, looking for places to go when my eyes caught one of the suggested activities; ride the Yangon Circle Line.

 Hmm... sounds like a good idea to fill in half a day. Plus, I reckoned it is a great way to see the local life.

So off I went to Yangon Central Railway Station.

As the station is quite big, I asked one of the guards for the directions while passing the platform gate. Cheerfully, he pointed me the stairs, and replied, "Platform 6 and 7". Yeah... one thing I liked most about Myanmar people is their hospitality. Always so polite, helpful and full of smiles.

At Platform 6/7, head to the ticket office. You need to show your passport and pay the fare here, which is only USD 1 for a complete trip around the circle line. I know... so cheap right?!

the officer gave a brief explanation about the routes

the train route

Do note that there are only a few trains daily, and the total journey will take approximately 3 hours, going into the suburbs of greater Yangon and back again into the city. So plan your time well or else, you'll end up waiting for hours or worst, miss the last train of the day.

platform 6/7

As the train approached the platform, the officer from the ticket office called me and a few other foreigners to follow him. We walked to the front part of the train. There's no special coach for foreigners but I guessed he just wanted to make sure that we get the best coach. 

I quickly board the coach, and sat on the wooden benches next to an open window. Yes, wooden bench and open window. There's no first class coach here. You'll need to be prepared to travel in ordinary 3rd class coach. 

We left Yangon Railway Station on time, at 10.10am. My coach was pretty empty but as we headed further out of central Yangon, more and more locals came on board. They stared at us foreigners curiously, probably wondering where we were going.

The day was getting hotter, but I enjoyed soothing cool breeze thanks to the open windows. Enjoyed the view too. 

 About halfway through the ride, we hit the market place. 

As the train approached the station, I could hear the shouting and such. It was so chaotic! Moments later, sacks of goods were thrown from the platform and dozens of local people climbed aboard carrying baskets and boxes. Sacks of foods were even passed through the windows. 


Suddenly, the train became happening, with people selling various dishes, everyday goods and such. 

Indeed, the 3-hour ride offers a good glimpse of the local life.

It was fascinating watching them go about their every day lives. This is definitely something I highly recommend for anyone heading to Yangon.

  The train leaves at 8.20am, 10.10am, 11.30am, 1.05pm, 2.25pm. 
Fare: USD 1
Direction: Yangon Railway Station, Platform 6/7


Madam Sooyaree said...

Muahaha.. selamba aje abang tu duduk bersantai kat rail. Nice pics, love it!

rara said...

narif: haha tu la pasal.. selamba kodok dia je..

Hulubalang said...

toilet dalam keretapi tu camne ok ke ko? hahaha

rara said...

hulubalang: haha tak tengok la pulak.. rasanya takde toilet since dia macam komuter..

Norman W.Meng said...

great ! i m goin to try this next mth..hahaha

rara said...

Norman: Enjoy!!