January 1, 2013

The world didn't end...

So 2012 has ended!

The Mayan calendar prediction didn't come true. Well.. nobody knows when the world will end except Him. So, we just have to live life to the fullest and be thankful that we have more chance to beramal, beribadat, be a better person.

Eh eh.. apesal mode ustazah and pakar motivasi ni? hahaha...

It's 2013 y'all!!!

I felt like we just welcomed 2012 a few months ago. How fast time flies! It scares me, really. To think that I'm aging. To think that my parents are aging. The thought of losing them scares the hell outta me. Of course, I might die first before them cos it's all God's work. Dear God, please protect me, my parents, and my family.

I felt like it was only yesterday I dreaded hitting the 3 series age. And now I'm gonna be 31 in 6 months time. T__T  *denial mode*

Anyway... 2012 was a great year.

Travelled to Bangkok, Seoul, Singapore and Sri Lanka. 

Dived at Sipadan Island, Mabul Island and Perhentian Island. 

Completed four marathons.  

I got a few emails from my readers telling me that they found my posts very inspiring. Awww...

One reader from Poland told me she was impressed that I had made so many things in my life. She told me I'm so incredible, and she admired me for that. *fell off chair* Seriously?? I'm so humbled with her statement cos honestly, I feel like I still haven't achieved much in life compared to other high achievers. But I thanked her for her kind words, as it is a reminder for me to always feel blessed and grateful.    

Another reader from South Africa told me he was so thankful for my entries about the halal foods as he always travel around the world too. "Allah rewards you" was among what he wrote to me. Alhamdulillah... I'm happy if my writings benefit others. Made me thinking, perhaps these little things were the reason why I met so many nice people who were willing to help me in my difficult times during travelling.

Anyway, here's to more opportunities to travel and see the world, meeting Nemos underwater, exercising and running the 42.195km distance, shopping spree and gastronomic adventure in the future!

 2013, please be good to me!

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