October 29, 2012

Seoul, South Korea : Let's Eat!

In Itaewon, not only can you find abundance of halal restaurants, but walking around the area, you are likely to come across cuisines from around the world. Running parallel to the main road behind Hamilton Hotel (you'll immediately spot it once you emerge from the subway station exit), International Food Street offers authentic Korean food, Western, Japanese, Brazilian, Greek etc to please your gastronomic adventures.

I didn't go into any of the restaurants there cos the thought of going to a happening restaurant alone was a bit intimidating to me. haha...

So I just looked around to see what they have to offer...

Oh ya.. previously, there's a Hard Rock Cafe in front of Hamilton Hotel but when I came to add my shotglass collection, I was told that it was closed down already. Why oh why~

Other than eating kebabs or dining at the halal restaurants here, I enjoyed the street food too. 

Found this while wandering in Myeongdong. 

Spiral potato! 

At first, I just ignored it and continued window shopping but while walking along the street I noticed a lot of people were eating it. I cannot tahan so I stopped and bought it.

Bought this churros too. Nom nom nom... 

Then, while wandering in Hongdae, I saw this Crazy Burger stall. 

The queue for it was soo long just like Burger Bakar in KL. Must be really good, I suppose. Too bad I couldn't try it. 

Then, I saw this egg bread! 

I've never seen this in KL. Or is it just me? 

There's also a lot of stalls like these.. 

Looks like tempura but I decided to pass it just to be safe.

If you go to Nami Island, you'll find this.

Potatos ZZinBBang? Such a catchy name. 

It's a Korean traditional steamed bread and it is steamed inside this tandoor oven look-a-like. 

In Malaysia, we can call it potato pau. hehe...  

Anyway, I love Korean food! So imagine my reaction when my hostel manager prepared this meal for me and my dorm mate for our farewell dinner. I didn't expect him to prepare such a special dish. He only told me he'd cook dinner that night and asked me to come back to the hostel early.

I am sure I've done something good in the past to deserve this treatment. *cries*

Did I tell you I loveee kimchi? 

Bought this at the airport cos I couldn't get enough of it. 

Ok looking at this kimchi picture makes me wanna go eat Korean food now! 


syieda said...

wow rara, best betul la ur host! memang betul la kot u save their nation dolu2. kekekekkee..

rara said...

syieda: hahahha.. i think so :p anyway, my host memang sangat baik!!