June 15, 2012

PJ Dawn 2012

Another running report...

Ran around PJ in the morning before, and it was so bloody hot! I think the organizer also couldn't stand the heat so they decided to start the event in the wee hours of the morning.

The half marathon category started at 3am. Sacrificed my sleep to run 21km. Crazy, I know. But I needed to run this event to warm up my body for Sundown Marathon 2 weeks later.

The initial route was a little bit different this time. We didn't run to 'Penang Bridge', instead we made a u-turn before Federal Highway and ran back to Jalan Lapangan Terbang. Only from here the route was the same, going towards Subang Airport.

Then, there's another detour from the previous route. We turned at the roundabout and after that ran through the residential area of Ara Damansara. It was my first time in that area as PJ is really an alien place for me. It was very quiet here, and the wind was so strong. I was running downhill at some point when I saw lightning strikes in the middle of the dark. Looked like rain was going to come soon. Runnnn!!!

But thank God it didn't rain at all until we finish the run. Anyway, this time we didn't finish the run inside the MBPJ Stadium, instead we had to run around the stadium to get to the finishing line. Torturing, I tell ya!

Nevertheless, it was a good run. No cramp, no heat, new route. Finished the run in 3 hours 11 minutes. What's new. I so need to train more (which I never did!) to do a sub-3 hour half marathon next time.

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