August 19, 2011

Nong & Jimmy Thai Seafood

It’s fasting month but Imma show you FOOD photos. *evil laugh*

I found a heavenly crab. Seriously, it is so heavenly my friend even said, she had food orgasm eating it. Hahahahaha… 

Wonder where I found it? 

It’s here! 

The first time I went there was early in the year, brought by my friend. 

The food was really good so I spreaded the love to Chickpeas. And they fell in love with the crab too. 

curry crab

grilled crab

As for me, other than the crab, I love this cute char koay! 

Their tomyam is good too! 

And this!

You see the fried rice is so 'empty' but seriously, so sedap ok!

We ordered these dishes too..


grilled squid

kailan ikan masin

This restaurant is very famous I tell ya. It can be very hard to get a seat if you come during peak hours. I went there early around 6pm the first time I was there so we got seats straight away. Until we went back, a lot of groups came but there’s still lots of seats left. I thought that’s normal. Well actually I didn’t expect so many people know about this restaurant because it’s not in the middle of the city centre. Plus, my friends also never heard about it. But when I went there with the Chickpeas one night, it was so full we had to wait for people to finish their food and leave before we got seats. 

So if you’re planning to come in a large group, I suggest you make a reservation first. 

Check out their Facebook page for more information.  

Conclusion: don’t judge the food by its place. Haha…