April 17, 2011

Climb and Run

I. Can't. Walk. Today.

But I felt like a superwoman yesterday.

Climbed up Bukit Tabur in the morning. I told some friends I won't climb the hill ever again after that first climb last year because I had muscles pain that was so bad I cringed whenever I had to climb up or down the stairs. But yeah... siapa suruh tak warm up kan?

Then last week, Soon Ching, whom I climbed the hill with last year, posted an event in Facebook inviting me to join her and her other 2 friends to climb the hill. I forgot all those previous pain and just clicked on 'Attending'.

It was drizzling yesterday's morning. Soon Ching and her friends drove all the way from Kajang and Sri Hartamas so they persisted to climb the hill. Seeing their persistence and the rain stopped when we reached the foothill, I thought OK let's do it.

We were in front of the stream and the big pipe when suddenly Soon Ching asked me, 'Eh where is the starting of the hiking trail?' I looked at her and then looked back at the big pipe. Only both of us had climbed the hill before but both of us forgot the trail. Aiyoo how to lead the climb like this. -_-

The start of the trail is somewhere behind the pipe but I couldn't remember whether we need to go to the left or right. Fortunately there was a guy nearby the stream and he saw that we were looking like a lost children so he showed the trail to us.

So we started the climb. It was only 4 of us all the way up to the first peak. I guessed other climbers chose to stay away from the hill as the weather was not that good. While we were resting, another group came up and joined us. Woah.. they must be really fast because I didn't hear anything while we were climbing. They rested for a while and later excused themselves and started their climb to the second peak. And they disappeared as fast as they appeared.

Can you see people climbing up? It's the route to the second peak

The climb to the second peak is the most difficult part of the hill. It is rocky and very steep where most of the time, we had to pull ourselves up using ropes.

almost there!

But the view from the top of the hill is very well worth all the pain.

the dragon backbone

Klang Gate dam

this is not beautiful T_T

my hiking buddy, Soon Ching and her Japanese friend

We met the group again and shared some light snacks. I saw dark clouds around central KL and judging from the darkness, I guessed it was raining heavily. While we were chatting and taking pictures, I saw the dark clouds coming towards us.

Then I felt drops of water. The group and us quickly climbed down as it's gonna be very dangerous if we stayed on.

As we passed the rocky part, the rain got heavier. The trail was turning to a slide. Out of a sudden, a small stream was forming. No wonder people said if you're on a hill or a mountain, stay away from the river and the waterfalls when it rains. The water from the upper part of the hill came down and splashed everything in their way. We sped up our climb though the trail was getting more and more slippery.

We reached down the foothill with a new record. Up and down in 3 hours. We were already drenched so we didn't bother to find a shelter. So we walked a good half an hour in the heavy rain to get to our cars. It was a good experience. I mean, dah lama tak main hujan macam tu. hehehe...

I went home feeling sick.

But I fought the sickness and the tiredness and decided to follow my sister to Sepang International Circuit to run the Energizer Night Race. I didn't register for the race as I missed the registration period but running on the F1 race track sounded cool. So I decided to tag along and joined the 11km run.

Don't care la if I didn't get the medal, certificate and the goodie bag. I just wanna run on the track where Sebastian Vettel drove Red Bull-Renault to victory in the F1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix last weekend.

The race was chaotic as it wasn't properly organized. People were bashing the organizers in their Facebook fanpage and today I saw Boycott Energizer Night Race fanpage but I'll just reserve my comment.

I had a good run. Because I just came to run with no expectations.

We went home and I saw this.

Oh my poor baby. He was down with fever and flu.

I guessed he played in the rain too.


Madam Sooyaree said...

Omg, where did you find all those energy???? Kalau I dah lama pengsan tengah jalan!

June Malik said...

terror heheh .. i shd climb tabur again, i was there when i was 22 years old, like dog years ago hahaah

rara said...

narif: hahaha.. i rase sebab masa climb tu i banyak makan power bar. kalau tak i pon pengsan agaknye ;p

kak june: jom climb tabur. :D rasa nak naik west pulak. but actually i shouldn't ajak u la.. and u shouldn't climb. nanti ur knees sakit balik.

MasZuber said...

salam ziarah,

rindunye mahu naik tabuh!

ages already since the last time i scale the hill..

rara said...

come lah.. i wanna climb tabur west pulak.. but dunno when.