November 6, 2010

From Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur

UNIQLO? It sounded so alien to me 4 years back. My colleague brought me to the store in Yokohama. To be honest, I wasn't so excited then, because I was a brand conscious person and I've never heard of it. So, I waited for my colleague to finish her shopping while I browsed their items uninterestedly, although their items looked interesting.

I learned from my Japanese friends later on that the brand's really famous in Japan. But still, people in Malaysia never heard of it. I gave it a try though. Bought their jeans and blouses, and fell in love instantly. Who wouldn't? Everybody knows that Japan is one hell of an expensive country. But it was among the stores where I could shop happily without constantly checking my currency converter. Because it's one of the most affordable stores in Japan, yet so fashionable. And you can get almost everything there, they even have yukata on their rack ok!

Since then, I never looked back. Religiously went to their store in Shibuya on all my trips after that.

A few months ago, I saw a billboard in front of Pavilion that they would open a store right here in Kuala Lumpur in Autumn. Like Malaysia has Autumn wtf.

Anyway, it made waves all over KL. And in Tokyo too. When I was in Tokyo last August, after the greetings and the usual how are yous etc, the first thing my colleagues asked me when I reached the office was,
"I heard yunikuro's gonna open a store in KL? Honto desu ka."


Honto desu ne. The store opened last Thursday.

And all KL's fashionistas and fashion whores went mad.

  queue to enter the store

the crowded store

Knowing Malaysia, with the tax and all, I foresaw the price here would be expensive. So I shopped like mad in my previous trip. hahaha... But turned out all the items wasn't that expensive. I saw the exact same jeans I bought on my last trip and the price here is only RM20 higher. Not bad.

kiasu sisters

Gonna make a trip to the store again today. \(^_^)/


Axiao said...

tot of going on the opning day, but after checking twitter status n such, taknak layan the queue la. my sis went though, most of the items already gone. i'll go during the long haji break up what u bought there...:)

June Malik said...

i am going soon, its MY store when we stayed in japan, just around the corner from my place hehehe

rara said...

axiao: haha ur sis so semangat. i didn't shop much ler.. bcoz to many people. only bought the fleece jacket and the leggings :D

kak june: dah pergi dah? i went again yesterday tapi tak boleh masuk.. diorang tak bagi masuk dah after 7pm.. sebab ramai sangat orang.

My name starts with M said...

Like Malaysia has Autumn wtf. <--- hahahhaha gelak guling2 baca ayat ni hahahha

masa baca paper psl store ni nak bukak, teringat kau psl ko penah mention dlm blog kan before. hehe.

rara said...

mas: hehehe.. takpe lah. buat2 la macam autumn. now baju dia jual pon banyak for autumn/winter..