October 12, 2010

We Run Kuala Lumpur

I was torn between 2 choices on 101010. To run the Hooha Run or the Nike City 10K KL.

The Hooha Run seemed interesting, with everything about it adding up to 10. 3700 (3+7=10) runners to run 5.5km (5+5=10) around Lot 10 (10!) at 8.20am (8+2=10) with only RM28 (8+2=10) registration fees.

But 50% discount on the Nike+ Sportband was a very good deal. I've always wanted to buy one.


The only reason that hold me back was I thought its standard retail price at RM229 was expensive.

So, taking advantage of the half price promotion, no prize for guessing it right which run I signed up for.

I suspected these were toys they wanna get rid off the stock. LOL

I saw the medal for Hooha Run and it's nice! T_T

Like my friend said, we should run 5km for Nike City and then continued another 5km on Hooha. It was possible. Because Nike Run started at 7.15am and Hooha Run started at 8.20am. And the venue wasn't that far from each other. Why didn't we think of that strategy earlier? Damn it!

The Nike City 10K is hosted by 22 countries across the globe, with Malaysia and Singapore carrying the banner for South East Asia.

To make the event more livelier, both countries pitted against each other. Whichever country run the most kilometres by 31 Oct will win the challenge, and Nike will donate US$30,000 for their respective charities. Runners in Singapore will raise funds for the Singapore Children's Society, while runners in Kuala Lumpur will run to earn a donation for Hope Worldwide Kuala Lumpur.

my new armcandy, the sportband

It is a good deed, so not bad la kan? If KL wins, at least I know I contributed something. :)

 Go KL!

Every participant MUST wear the sponsored Nike dri-fit shirt. So, on the morning of 101010, Kuala Lumpur was transformed into a limegreen sea.

my sister wasn't feeling well but she kiasu also wanted to run

The weather was good. I actually felt drops of rain prior to the start of the run, but luckily it never poured on us. So I ran happily without the sun attacking me. Ho yeah! It only started to rain when I reached home in the afternoon. Kesian orang-orang yang buat kenduri that day. 

The route was good as well.

We started the run in Jalan Binjai behind KLCC,

Circled around the shopping complexes in Bukit Bintang,

Passed by the Hooha runners flocking around Lot 10 waiting for their event to start,

Lime green vs Blue and Orange

Went up AKLEH

Where we got the panoramic view of beautiful buildings in the city centre,

Had bands performing at several points along the route to keep us entertained,

Bunkface performing on the elevated highway

Energetic cheerleaders to boost our spirits,

Go! Go! Go!

Caused traffic jam along Jalan Tun Razak,

lain kali duduk rumah diam-diam ok

 And finished at where we started and got entertained by Estranged.

101010 was a special day.

We certainly had fun!

Currently, we are trailing Singapore by 14,725.03km with only 19 days to go. I know it is IMPOSSIBLE to catch up as they'll have their City Run on the 24th and when it comes to running event in Singapore, they win hands down. But in the end, what matters most is, we give it a try.

You can do it KL!


June Malik said...

i registered for both lol but tak pergi satu pun, busted my knee heheeh .. glad u had fun and now we are sportsband sisters :)

RaYzeef said...

Congrats on completing the run:)

Great experience isn't it running through KL.

Lady of Leisure said...

i shud hv join aktiviti sihat mcm ni baru la slim kan... ini otak i 24 jam dok kat rumah asyik makan je hehe

fatt said...

i always dream to run like this but i don't know how to begin and what type of exercise that i shud do to maintain my fitness so i cud run longer *sigh*

anyway,congrats..and i guess u let go the vacation rite :P

rara said...

kak june: my sis pon registered for both but she forgot to bring her shirt/bib.. if not can collect the hooha medal. hehehe..

rayzeef: thanks. yup.. great experience indeed. :)

lady: kalau i pandai masak macam u, i pon duduk rumah asyik makan je kot.. hehehhe

fatt: jom la join. start lari sikit2 nanti lama2 sure ok.
turkey tu next week baru i decide. :D

Cik Rebena said...

the best event!! n i complete my run..1 jam minit LOL hahhaa
but really enjoy!!

rara said...

rebena: yup.. for me pon this is one of the best running event. sebab ada performance and deejay along the route. happening!