September 3, 2010

Japan : Technology I ♥

Don't you just love technology?

If you don't already know, it's the automatic bottom-washing loo in Japan!

Ask anyone who has visited Japan about their trip and tales of high-tech electronic bidets will be among the stories you will hear about. I supposed the technology has spread worldwide now, since it has been 4 years since I first encountered such toilet and became jakun with it during my first visit to Japan. But weirdly enough, I haven't seen this type of toilet in Malaysia yet, or any other countries that I've been to.

There are actually many types of it. Wash, bidet, dryer, heated seat, massage, deodoriser... the choice is bewitching. The ones I went into at Narita Airport even have the choice for music or the sound of flushing water. Great for relaxing, and perfect for those who are embarrassed at the thought of other people hearing their business inside there. LOL...

Is there any company who is importing this toilet to Malaysia? I want to install it in my house!

Camwhoring in the toilet after finishing my business. ;p



Madam Sooyaree said...

nanti i nak lalu narita airport bila balik US. harus ku terjah bilik air nye, hehehe

Lady of Leisure said...

wahhh.. siap ada lagu2 lagi siap massage lagik bestnyaa..

June Malik said...

i love the heated heat in winter hehe .. kalau ada sini definitely will buy !

rara said...

narif: terjah jgn tak terjah.. hehehe. lama ke transit kat tokyo?

lady: yang massage punya i tak pernah try lagi tapi my friend cakap ada. tapi ada lagu yang tak tahan tu.. hehe

kak june: kan? nak cari la kot2 ada company yang import.

FarEast said...

sgt cool technology mcm ni ... i love tech! ;)


ザ-sylver-shooter said... isn't?
currently all the public toilet there are well suited by this washlet, and it's FREE..yeehaa,

i'd heard the rumour that panasonic will brought this into local market , am I wrong?

rara said...

farEast: memang cool kan? i love tech too! :D

sylver-shooter: i think if this washlet is installed in malls around malaysia, sure they'll charge u to use it. anyway, really? panasonic is bringing it in? wahh.. i'm so gonna buy it!