September 29, 2010

Newton 25km Challenge KL

Post puasa run. And straight away went for 25km. I had no choice though, I needed the distance to prepare myself for the big four two.

We were, as usual, late.

They've started the run 8 minutes ago! Darn! Must be hard catching up with the crowd.

As expected, it was a lonely run. To add more salt to the loneliness, I had nothing to listen to as I forgot to take out my walkman from my bag. Therefore, I only had the sound of my heavy breath to keep me company. So sien...

The morning was actually cloudy. But around 7.45am, all the clouds hid themselves and made way for the sun. Oh dear God! I was recovering from my Japan sunbathing trip tan and then I exposed myself yet again under the killing hot sun. Good bye fair skin! T_T

Anyway, the route for this run was super extreme OK! 80% of the route was running up and down the hill. T_T

It was torturing going on one hill after another. I gave up. So yeah, I walked more than half of the route.

Running while pushing a stroller with your toddler innit for 25km? On this route? O_o This guy had my utmost respect for his patience and persistence.

The route was unmarked so I depended on the water station as the marker, passing each water station meant I've covered 4~5km. At each water station, they served us cold water, with ice. The plain cold water truly tasted like the best drink in the world under the unbearably hot sun.

Finally, hope came!

I thought the run was never gonna end. They put the marker only at the last 5kms of the route.

Time to run! hehe..

And I finished the run in 4 hours.

My longest run ever. Time and distance wise.

They only gave the medals to the top 50% finisher of each category. Obviously, I wasn't one. So, no medal for me. T_T

This is how the medal looks like, with Sir Isaac Newton as the background picture. Sir Isaac Newton couldn't possibly established the brand, could he? So I guess, they just used his picture because they share the same name. Or because he created the laws of motion. *F=ma... OMG physics coming up in my head*

As a result of running under the hot sun, I am officially a zebra now. Tan lines are all over my body. Skirts, shorts and sleeveless definitely have to sit in the wardrobe for a while. Time to cover up. ;p  

The finisher tee. I wished they printed the FINISHER word. But nonetheless, it was a nice tee, considering they've given us a pair of 2XU compression race socks worth RM170 in the goodie bag.

On our way back to the car, I saw a group of people lepaking at the corner of the nearby shoplot but I didn't pay attention to them. Suddenly, one of them called my sister to join them. We went there anyway.

Then only it hit me. It was the Chap Ayam Runners potluck raya party Kak June was talking about.

I was so shy to join at first, as I knew no one. But they were a friendly bunch. And us, without shame then, tapau-ed the nasi lemak back home. hehehe...

Went back home. Off to an open house. As soon as I got home after that, I passed out for 12 hours and woke up with aches all over my body. Grrrrrreat!


June Malik said...

wahhhh u did newton and finished it, congrats babe, its one tough route even the experts complained .. be proud .. i believe u r nearer to your goal .. try to get one run of 30k and it will boost ur confidence .. hugs and kisses :)

Lynnda Hosni said...

wow... salute salute .... well done rara... I'm so proud of you... xx

zErOiCe said...


rara said...

kak june: it was one hell of a route! semua orang cakap next year taknak masuk dah.. hahhaha.. yeahh need to do my 30k LSD.. but i'm so lazy la. haihh..

RL: thanks sis. hey i miss your writing la.

zeroice: thanks :)

Madam Sooyaree said...

waa... rajin nya!!! i don't think i can ever do this la rara