August 16, 2010

Long time no see

Hello Tokyo. I miss you so much!!!

Just landed this morning. Even though it was very tiring as I needed to go to the office straight from the airport, I am so happy to be back in this megacity. The city has never failed to intrigue me.

But, I am so gonna miss all the delicious buka puasa food in Param Melawati. Param Melawati is so famous nowadays that sometimes I hate going there as it's always so packed, hence moving around the place looking for foods to buy is so tough. Parking jangan cakap la! Susah gila nak cari.

But I knew where my favorite stalls are, so it's easier for me. 

Tepung Pelita Taman Melawati.. terbaikkkkkk I tell ya!

the stacks of wooden trays will be gone in minutes

Popia Zaiton

the long queue

Okay that's all. I don't wanna show the other pictures I took. It will only make me (and you) drool! T_T

Anyway, I wanna try to have a good sleep here. I could sleep soundly for 8-12 hours before this, but now I've been sleep deprived  for almost 2 months! FML. I don't know why but ever since I came back from Moscow last June, I woke up in the middle of the night, almost every night, and had difficulty to sleep back. Sometimes I didn't know if I really sleep or did I just close my eyes until the alarm ringed?

At first I thought I was jet-lagged from the trip. But now it is August already!! It cannot be jetlag! Then what is it? Takkan ada hantu Russia ikut balik kot? T_T

I've googled on the Internet for some solution, and came across some articles that mention it might be due to depression. Am I depressed then? Hmmm....

I hope I find the cure in Tokyo.


June Malik said...

hantu russia ikut balik? hahah kewl .. tired, and jetlag and no proper rest, what you need is a few days of just eat, and sleep :) have fun in japan, i miss her too

rara said...

i hope i can just eat and sleep too! but am here for work.. so cannot really rest :(

Naqies said...

wah masih ada lg ni akak tepung pelita tu..dari zaman 90 an lg tu ..ahaks terasa dah berumur lak akak hehehe

rara said...

naqies: akak pon tau tepung pelita ni? wahh mmg glamer la..hehehe.. a'ah kan dah lama dia berjual. since i was in school kot..and every year dia mesti ada.

My name starts with M said...

aku mcm nk comment kat seme entry kau tp x larat nk click satu2 tp nk ckp seme entry best!! aku xcited baca. Wonderful experience! Nway, have u found ur cure in japan? :)

rara said...

mas: hahaha.. thanks mas! entry merepek je pon.. ;p
sadly, i didn't find the cure.. haihhh..