August 27, 2010

Japan : Bon Odori Festival

Another summer festival in Japan is the Obon, the Japanese custom festival to honor the deceased spirits of their ancestors.

Apart from families going back to their hometown for a get together and pray for their ancestors, there's also the special dance, Bon Odori, that symbolize joy and appreciation for the departed souls.

I watched the dance in KL for the first time last year, and this year I had the opportunity to watch it in Roppongi Hills.

The celebration in KL wasn't as big as here in Japan. So I was totally in awe of seeing the massive crowd and the atmosphere, I kept on saying 'Sugoi!' for God knew how many times it must annoyed everyone's around me. hahaha...

Everyone just joined the dance, going around the yagura and imitated the dancers' movements.

Enjoy the video to feel the celebration!

Sugoi desu ne!!!


Carrie said...

wow... this is so awesome! You travelled by free & easy?

Naqies said...

Syoiknye..teringin gak ni g entah bila laa nak jejak. Adik ada AWARD tuk adik kat blog akak, kalo sudi claim laa ye >

rara said...

carrie: can be considered as free n easy la.. am here on biz trip but went sightseeing on weekends on my own.

naqies: one day insya allah boleh sampai punye! anyway, thanx for the award! :D

aziahmk said...

hello rara....monik ni....singgah la kalau senang2

rara said...

hi monik! :D

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