July 10, 2010

Abra (Cadabra)

Think I'm gonna perform some magic? Nahhh... title gimmick je tu.. heh..

Abra is actually a traditional old wooden boat in Dubai.


For only AED1, the unbelievably cheap fares make them a hot favourite transport option for both locals and tourists alike to cross the Dubai Creek between Deira and Bur Dubai area.

Abra station

The boat can seats up to 20 people so if you prefer a private trip with your families and friends, you can hire the whole abra for AED100 per hour. They will take you up and down the creek, wonderful for sightseeing and a great opportunity for some gorgeous photographs of the city. It also provides a fascinating glimpse of Dubai's trading heritage.

But anyway, I find the ride scary too! The boat doesn't have any railings for you to hold on and no life jackets on board. But I also don't know whether the river is deep or shallow for such necessities. Maybe because I'm one of my company's Occupational Safety & Health committee I tend to find hazards everywhere.. hahahha..

Ermm... let's not think about that and just ride it.

the syiokk scary ride

Abra cruise

I went there in time for the sunset.

One of the best times to walk around the area is just before sunset as the sunlight refracted on the high buildings adds more charm and makes everything more photogenic.

Dubai is also famous for its souqs. Your visit to Dubai isn't complete without visiting all these souqs. Okay I didn't go to all the souqs either, but at least you must visit the Gold Souq and Bur Dubai Souq.

Visiting the Gold Souq, you'll be amazed seeing all those glittering golds, silver and gems in the shop windows. I've never seen so much gold and jewellery in my life! *rambang mata* But my future husband is so lucky because I am not a big fan of gold. Jimat duit dia... hahaha..

It is said that the gold prices in Dubai are among the lowest in the world. The gold's price is determined by its weight but you still can negotiate to some degree. Talk about investment eh?

Bur Dubai Souq

Just a short walk from Bur Dubai abra station, you'll find the Bur Dubai Souq, a bustling bazaar full of bargains, selling everything from textiles to souvenirs and t-shirts to sweets.

Men's dishdasha

Woman's abaya

belly dancing yeahh!!

Traditional Arab culture's covered, so I'm going to the city now for the modern and exuberant displays of luxury.. ciao!