June 29, 2010

♥ 27 June ♥

I had 4 secret recipe cakes in 2 days.

cake number 4

cake number 3

cake number 2

*forgot to take picture of cake number 1*

Luckily I burnt back half the calories by running 21km...

on the morning of my birthday. Nice huh?? Another way of celebrating a birthday, a healthy start to being 28 I must say. hahaha...

It was a wet start for the full marathoners due to the early morning downpour. The rain only stopped by the time the half marathon category was about to start. I thought it's gonna be a gloomy morning but boy, was I wrong! The sun started to shine brightly at around 8.30am. Dang! At the rate I was running-walking, I'd cross the finishing line in an hour or so. I should've applied more sunblock. T_T 

I loved the route as it was different from the usual route I ran in KL. Or maybe because that was my first 21km in KL city?

When else will you have the chance to run in front of KL Tower, KLCC and other prominent KL landmarks? I wouldn't do that on my own for sure.

I managed to finish the run in 3'14".  Not my best, but still acceptable considering I didn't train at all since Sundown last month and I fasted consecutively from Monday till Thursday for puasa sunat Rejab to payback my 2-weeks gluttony in Russia.

I waited for the FMVs after queuing almost an hour at the luggage tent. I was so confident that Kak June or the other FMVs will cross the finishing line at around 6 hours. After waiting for almost 20 minutes, I spotted none. Are they too fast I missed spotting them or haven't they arrived? I quickly texted Kak June but received no reply from her. I actually waited until around 11.30am, and managed to cheer 1 FMV albeit I didn't know his name. When the clock at Sultan Abdul Samad building's struck 12pm, I concluded that she might left her phone at home so we decided to go back. Turned out she crossed the finishing line not long after that with an entourage of supporters. Too bad I missed it!

Anyway, while waiting for the FMVs, I spotted the Singapore Blade Runner.

I've read so much about him and always wondered how he ran the marathons. I mean, running with that blade? I wondered how he balanced his body and all. Finally, I got to see him in action and cheered him to the finishing line. Seeing him run with that artificial leg was truly inspiring! He completed 42km y'all and we the normal people always give excuses. *feels ashamed of self. I so need to start training for PBIM*

As soon as I took off my socks, I spotted 4 huge blisters under my toes. Previously, it was the cramps. Now that they were gone thanks to the ORS that I drank, I'm hunted by blisters. Haihhh... I guessed it's just the price we runners had to pay for torturing our feet running the long distance.

Despite that hurtful blisters and body ache, I still had the nerve to go out in the afternoon to celebrate my birthday with the girlfriends. Walking like a crab in the mall sure looked funny and weird, so I had to carefully controlled my walk to avoid those embarrassing stares... hahaha...

 I heart you girls!

 A year older but I still believe that age ain't nothing but a number. ;p


June Malik said...

alamak so sorrylah rara .. kesian tunggu .. i would have finished earlier if not for my old and broken knees LOL. The FMV guys ada cross at sub4, sub5 and betweeen 6-6.5 hours. I had my grand finishing, best jugak habis lambat nih heeh.. congrats on your birthday and another medal to your collection.

I ran in sloshing socks all the way. Normally senang get blisters. This time I applied body glide all over my feet, and toes generously and I wore the Injinji socks. I came out blister free .. might work for you!

Ernie Khairina said...

happy birthday..more places to conquer =P

rara said...

ernie: thanks! i hope so too.. hehe..

kak june: no prob.. my sis waited for her friends too. risau je sebab i didn't know u dah sampai ke belum.
anyway, thanks for the tip. will try it for future runs. and for the umpteenth time, congrats on finishing the FM!!

Lady of Leisure said...

happy belated birthdayyyy... may yr birthday this year blossoms into lotsa dream come true..
wahhh 21km i lari 6km pun dah cungap2..

rara said...

thanks lady :)..
ala..i awal2 lari pon tercungap2.. tapi nanti lama2 u pon sure can do it.